Saturday, 30 April 2011

So-Long Sunderland Saturday

Bethany and I left Sunderland today and travelled the few hours back to Bradford; back to reality.

We've had a really nice time at Emily's this week and I am so glad the weather held out for us... all week!

Tuesday we arrived quite late in the evening dumping all our things in the bedroom and pretty much falling straight asleep, tell me, why is travelling so tiring?

Wednesday we got up pretty late but enjoyed the afternoon sunshine by the glass center where emily studies her degree.

Thursday we went to the beach of course where the sun was shining but the sea was lashing back nippy winds but we still managed it.

Friday we watched the Royal Wedding; went into town so Emily could shop a little and I tried on some tan coloured trousers... the colour looked good but the shape was alll wrong.

Saturday (today) we went into town and Emily bought some amazing heels from garage, I bought some dark brown jeans, cream pumps and a gold necklace. I'm not usually one for gold jewellery but apparently it goes with my skin and hair tones, we'll see.

This post isn't going to be too long today because I am just sooo tired from travelling, and we didn't even travel that far.

Extra note to all those travelling to Middlesborough from Sunderland, I'm sorry your train got cancelled; I mean whose cleve idea was it to steal train cables anyway??

Since this is Saturday and I ususally do my travel posts on Saturday I would like to add one place to my list of places visited from Apr 2011- Apr 2012 and that is:

1. Sunderland

Okay so the list isn't long but I'll work on it. Have a peaceful Sunday everyone.

: Pictures Pending :

These are the shoes Emily bought.

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