Friday, 29 April 2011

Friday's Spent Functioning

Functioning as in just being. I didn't have to do anything over the top today to just be.

I love today being a bank holiday, here are a few fantastic reasons:

1. The Royal Wedding, of course, which was absolutely beautiful. Some people are saying they loved Kate's sister's dress more than the actual wedding dress which to me is a completely ridiculous notion. She looked absolutely beautiful.

2. Bank Holiday, I get an extra day off work... I mean I had originally booked this as my holiday days, but since nobody is at work anyway I get an extra day to take off somewhere else! Woo!

3. The shops were still open so I could wander around.
3.5. I just got paid!

I was going to write my post on the Royal Wedding today but everyone has talked it to death; not saying that it wasn't beautiful because it was. Just saying, hmm, I'll talk about something else once I've finished my little warble. She was beautiful, they looked perfect together I mean it's one of those real life fairy-tale wedding tale's that most of us only get to see in romcoms or daft films where dreams of becoming a princess actually come true... and today for Kate Middleton, they did come true. It was lovely.

Tomorrow, Bethany and I go back to Bradford, where it will be a nice change to not eat junk. I swear I'm going to go shopping and fill my basket with so much green stuff people will think I've gone vegetarian.

After the wedding had finished Bethany, Emily and I walked into the town centre where we were trying to predict which shops were open before getting into the shopping centre by looking at the bags that people were walking past us with. We figured that most were open so Emily shopped a little since she'd just got her loan in. I'm still of the notion that she always looks pretty no matter what she wears because she is so slim. So, yes, another health-kick. This time back to the gym in town which is great for to and from work. I don't work that many hours I don't have an excuse.

These posts are so random, has anyone listened to Adele's albums 19 and 21? Does anyone know why she called them 19 and 21? It could be something really simple but I haven't figured it out yet. I've just been flicking through each song trying to find the one I really love on her album 19 called 'Hometown Glory' it's so pretty. Apparently I'm depressing because I listen to it, but I just like easy listening music. I just like day-dreaming probably; too much though. I also like 'Make You Feel My Love' on the same album and 'Someone Like You' on her new(ish) album 21.

My perfect white t-shirt that I bought yesterday... now has a nice bright red sploge on it of curry; that I've only just noticed 5 hours after eating curry. Anyone know if it'll come out or not? How is vanish on this type of stuff?

I went round all the shops today trying to look for some other trousers to wear besides jeans or jeans... but all I could find were cropped trousers which just make me look stumpy and quite frankly awful. I thought the colour was good on them all but my sisters faces didn't. Trust me they didn't have to say a thing. I can't wait to get my clothes from my dad's place so I can sort through everything and most probably get rid of a lot of stuff that I don't wear anymore.

The only nagging feeling I have is that I really want to lose a lot of weight so why spend money on clothes I'm eventually not going to fit into but everyone needs to feel good, and as someone I know says 'To feel good you need to look good'. Okay, so maybe that saying seems a tad 'shallow' but it kinda works and it's the optimism I need to help me when spending money that in a few months or so will be drained.

I'm going T shopping on Monday woo!

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