Monday, 18 April 2011

Monday's Marbles!

Happy Late Evening!

I think I've lost my marbles. I keep dropping things and bumping into things today which is why I'm very glad there are only just over 2 hours of today left... Still that's plenty of time to drop some more things. I think the weekend relaxes my brain too much so my marbles fall through the cracks, I need the rest of the week to pick them up again.

I must again confess to not really reading much in the news this past week. I've been a bit oblivious to it all... Again I totally blame this on the fact we have no Metro on the bus in the morning. Plus the office has moved nearer to town so quicker bus rides. Oh yeaah!!

Blame everything but myself :D

Okay so today I'm going to big up a sister of mine who is visiting from University. She's in Sunderland studying 'Glass and Ceramics' although I'm not quite sure how you study something like that but every time she comes home she blesses us with the creations she has made over the past few months since we saw her last.

Like this:

I've told her she needs to take requests from people and start making things for friends, family and those who just generally like her work. I wouldn't say they're the most 'traditional' stuff in the box, but I love her quirky style and yeah okay, I may be 'slightly' biased but the work she does is really great.

Emily also makes beads and her own jewellery! I've told her to set up her own blog so you guys can see some of her work, but it really is incredible. I know Emily is no Salvador Dali but she certainly looks like she knows what she is doing. It's never been a passion of mine to blow glass or to carve clay but I can say she does it very well. So as I am sure you can tell, this is definitely an arts post. If you want to see any more of her work just let me know via email or comment here I'll try and post some more of her creations!

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