Thursday, 7 April 2011

Travel Pass Thursday

Dear, Reader.

I shaln't make the post this evening too long. But I do just want to say that if you own a West Yorkshire or Metro bus pass... Don't EVER lose it.

I lost mine and I get a monthly just bus pass for £75.00. I'd only had it for 3 days aswell. I went into town with my receipt and asked at the Metro office if they could supply me with a new pass... To which the woman shook her head and said "It's like losing money"; they don't replace the passes. I could have crumbled up into a crying mess right there in front of her, but I walked upstairs and asked at the bus information desk. They asked me to ring the depot.

Luckily, mine was recovered at the bus depot but if it hadn't have been then I would have been totally, absolutely, well and truly; stuck.

I think I remember someone at work saying if you lose a First card they will replace it for you... I guess First cards are harder to duplicate.

I am going to Dewsbury this weekend. I've been a couple of places in Bradford this week like Bierley, Clayton, Daisy Hill, East Bowling, but apart from that... nowhere else on the travel list this week. Mildly interesting I know.

So, travel passes from Metro; don't lose them.

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