Sunday, 1 May 2011

Sunday - Day of Rest

Sunday is the day of resting from the world and a day to focus more on the things we should be doing in our life.

But nobody's perfect.

Church was good today, very quiet but very good and it meant that people who we don't usually hear got up and bore their testimony's which was nice. I got home and had dinner then kinda napped, for about 4 hours (OOops!) but tomorrow is bank holiday WOO! So we have an extra day off. Tomorrow is also shopping day YAY! Mum, Bethany, Aaron (My GBF) and I are going into Leeds for some Bank Holiday Bargains.

I am so outraged at my stupid old bank. I won't say it's name but a lot of people have migrated from them because they are just getting to the point of ridiculous! They are charging 5 pound a day!!! if you are over drawn I meant what?! So I said a silent 'stuffyou' and went with a new bank, where I have no charges and I actually have money in my bank account.

I kept telling people I had no money and they kept saying 'Budget, budget' well I do budget but my bank account used to just suck my money into the deep depths of overdraft (which is still left over from uni). Baring in mind I only work part-time. So money only just covers everything anyway BUT! Now :D I have pennies and I know exactly where they are going. It feels brilliant. Obviously, I'm not going to just abandon my old ship (bank) whilst it's slowly sinking but I'll keep pouring out a bit of water bucket by bucket each month and hopefully they'll be fine with that.

I love this long weekend stuff, it is a killer when you've got to change your sleeping pattern back, but I had a lovely week in Sunderland last week and I shall enjoy every last drop of tomorrow and I'll come home with lots of bags and pretty clothes to show you all including the jeans, shoes and necklace I bought yesterday.

Enjoy the rest of the Bank Holiday everyone!

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