Monday, 26 September 2011

Rubbish Times

I haven't actually blogged in so long my blog had signed me out! How terrible!

My weekend was a mishmash of a lot of things. I went to see Jurassic Park at the cinema, not my idea, but looking back it was actually quite interesting to watch it on the big screen, and it really was a big screen! Adam mentioned it was the biggest one in the cinema. Saturday was my lazy day so I felt bad for Adam who had to go to work, but I spent a good afternoon with his mum and dad and got to ride in car that is probably worth more than anything I have ever owned! Haha It was a cool ride.

I nearly stepped foot in a Sunderland Football Club shop, I think my Newcastle United fan boyfriend would have literally not spoken to me for a week... men and their football, I just don't get it. I'm sure I will have plenty of time to get used to it though!

Saturday evening Adam and I went for dinner in Pizza Hut. Such a killer! I mean they are doing the unlimited free salad thing so yay for them but they have like pasta, potato salad, coleslaw... I'd say that's probably less healthy that the pizza itself! Haha but I am sure it is working somewhere. Then we went for a fleeting fly in visit with Emily in Sunderland, which me and Adam didn't have to do, but I wanted a sisterly hug, hmmmm, and I saw her house, very nice and big!

We went to see Crazy Stupid Love and a few people have asked me who is in it and every time I say the guy from the Notebook, they kind of roll their eyes and go 'not that film again' apparently some guys have some sort of hatred towards this film, one of my friends even told me she had to turn it off half way through because her husband couldn't stand it. How that happened I've no idea because that film is amazing. And, Ryan Gosling... hmm very pretty to look at.

Nice twist at the end of the film though, peeps should watch it.

Sunday was fun and very spiritual. I learnt a lot on Sunday... then had the long trip home, but I put my music on and just drift away with the travel fairies. :D

I hope everyone has had a good weekend and possibly had a good first day back at work, besides my friend Caz and my dad's girlfriend Gayle who had today off :)

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Bathroom Book No 2.

I can't remember the name of the book because I am too far away from it to see what it is. I have read it before though and it's a usual romcom book. It is a very funny book though. I like that it is based in Bristol and is mainly about a students life and her mothers life after she has left home.

You always kind of see your own side to it but not the other side. Like when I went off to uni, I wasn't living at home but I was still living quite close so I never realised how leaving home affected my mum. The book explains it perfectly.

I also have a small affiliation with Bristol, as I went to uni in Bath, so when it mentions street names I'm a like 'OOo I have been there'. The students in the book are funny like one student is very rich so he throws another students cheap pink glitzy boots out the window at some drunk passers by and turns round and says "Don't worry I'll buy you some more tomorrow".

But it is a romcom book, so I'll let you know more about it as I read more.

Monday, 22 August 2011

Photo Wall

This is an artsy fartsy post, but at the moment I'm trying to put more shazam! in my living room and basically in my house without actually changing a colour on the wall, since I need to ask for permission to change anything. Which not only is annoying but it also sucks because I am very limited to what I can do.

So, instead of changing colours I'm just going to change my walls. I have 2 walls that I can put to some seriously good use to, like using for photo walls. This seems to be a good tradition that seems to have received the good publicity it deserves to become contemporary because I see them everywhere now. It just means I can find a LOT of inspiration and I can put my SnapFish photography account to good use.

When you sign up you get 50 prints free and I know my dad once won 100 free prints on o2's extra's thing online, when you hook a duck and choose between the three ducks you've found. Thanks again for that dad.

I have also been thinking about putting my Spain holiday pictures together into some sort of scrapbook file, because Spain really was amazing and they should be out to be enjoyed. The only pictures I have out at the moment are; a flower in a frame above my fireplace; pictures from mine and Bethany's fake window shopping trip and the temple, which I would like to get framed.

I'm still trying to decide on which colour frames to use and how big I want them to be and whether I want them to be the same size or different, and whether I want a central picture or just a big pile of mess. Man, so much to decide just for a picture wall... sounds like fashion again! Hopefully some of the photos I've found for inspiration will hopefully help.

Friday, 19 August 2011

Are You As Sure As Can Surely Surest Be?

I say the weirdest of things sometimes. You know it's actually quite hard keeping up with a blog especially when you can't think of things to say. I'm currently watching a film after spending what seems like a million years straightening my sisters hair... But it looks amazing.

It's been nearly a month since I moved into my home and people weren't joking when they said it'll take me a couple of months to get everything sorted. It's not that I can't unpack I just don't have anywhere to unpack to. I'm currently waiting on a wardrobe, corner desk and smaller table and chairs... so if anyone has one, let me know. Oh and lets not mention the gas cooker :D But that's top of the list so I usually forget about it.

I have a few things up my sleeve for a nice weekend I just hope it doesn't rain and that Adam and I can get out and enjoy it! Tomorrow I have a driving lesson and Adam is watching the football, as usual. But I might join him anyway so that's all good.

I have been so RUBBISH at driving recently, I could seriously laugh at myself. In all fairness my lesson on Wednesday was pants because I was trying to parallel park (reverse into a space) with about 8 little kids riding bikes around the road and I just honestly panicked with so many of them about. I mean who lets their kid play on a main BUSY road without even looking out for them? It's extrememly annoying. Needless to say I bumped the curb. Sadface. But I'll get better. Have a good, sunny (fingers crossed) weekend!

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Riots, Exams and Employment... or rather lack of

I've been trying to get into the routine of watching the news every day in the evening before I go to bed and in the morning. So far I haven't managed the morning probably because I'm a tad lazy. But last night I watched it for an hour kind of in the background to my seemingly ever present love of Solitaire. On my laptop.
The news was mainly about three things, the recent riots; A -Level results and tagged in with that, the rise in unemployment (again).

I am quite proud to say there wasn't much unrest in Bradfordian town besides the usual stuff that was going on. Unless I completely missed the week where Bradford went completely mental. I remember when I was at work someone mentioned that riots had gone on in the night before because a few guys had gone into a Tesco and tried to steal something, but it's not like that's a new occurance in Bradford these days so I wouldn't have put that down to rioting. And, personally I don't think any sentance given to any of the people who were involved is too heavy. As someone on the news said last night, you wouldn't give a suspected terrorist a light sentance so why give a suspected rioter any less than someone who actually did the deed?

A - Level results!! Congratulations to all those who got the grades they wanted. Especially, my youngest sister Bethany, 4 A level's is AWESOME! Congratulations to all those who should have got the grades they wanted. I can't even imagine how you're all feeling right now but BELIEVE ME, university is NOT the only option in life. My amazing boss hasn't done a degree but I don't think there is another person in the world who would be perfect for the position she is in. University is not the only option. So don't think it is :) And you'll all be fine.

Rise in unemployment. I see it every day at work. The figures are just stupid and the people in the Job Centre are... what's the politest way to put it... incorrigable. Just because you guys have a job doesn't mean it is as easy for everyone else out there. :) I really do feel for all those people who are really trying to find work and just not getting anywhere at all. The job centre has told a lot of people just go look online. But I find that even more difficult. I mean wasn't the unemployment rate supposed to go down? After the 'recession' and all? Even though I completely don't think the recession is anywhere near over. I am so completely blessed to have a job, but I have 20 people that I support who don't have the same luxury and it really can be a catch 22 situation sometimes. All I can say is keep looking or do some voluntry work because believe me your brain can go cuckoo when it's not active for a while. Oh yeah, but don't forget you can't do more than 16 hours a week of volunteering as this obviously put's a shorter time frame for you to be able to find work... like I said 'incorrigable'.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Eeeny Meeny Miney Moe

I can't decide which way to go.

For those of you who have just randomly clicked on my blog by accident, carry on reading it'll get better I promise. For those of you who have been tuned in since the beginning I'm sorry for the lapse but I'll try and keep posting.

Through out the life line of my blog I've kinda flitted between quite a few random things and this has lasted for a while, and I suppose if something isn't broken then why fix it but sometimes I just have days where I'm staring at my screen and my decided post topic of the day is just not coming. My mind flicks back and forth over this and that so bear with my whilst I get my feet again.

Monday's I tend to post about artsy fartsy things if I can.

Tuesday's my mind wanders over to fashion, or rather to my lack of it. Fashion is a really weird thing, I mean unless your brain is wired that way (which mine isnt) it has to be a constant on your mind until obviously your brain short fuses then refuses the right way.

Wednesday I usually mumble on about my bathroom book (which is still at my mums house).

Thursday the brain tosses around the stuff going on in the news or in some daily affairs, and I'm not talking E-list celebrities that are on the cover of Heat magazine (no offence to anyone who reads those magazines, and I'm sure with half a chance my brain would get sucked into them) I just don't read them.

Friday is random ramble, because let's face it we all need one of those days.

Saturday is about where I wanna go and what I wanna do and try and go new places.

Sunday is my day to post about spiritual things, not always necessarily about the gospel but spiritual things that keep us relaxed and calm.

Obviously none of this is set in stone but there you go. I am seriously thinking of buying a netbook so I can take it on journeys with me and it's lighter than my DELL. But there are a million things on the list first.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

It's Been a While

16 days to be exact. But now I have internet at home and I'm feeling more human for it. Weird huh?

Things that have gone on in the past two weeks:
I've been to Newcastle and a wedding. I moved into my house and am currently living off meals I can cook in the microwave. So any suggestions? They would be extremely appreciated. I've seen a couple of films but I can't remember what they were! My memory is shot as usual.

Short post this evening because today has been a bit of a strange and busy day. I'm currently watching I,Robot which is a really good film. I have a glass of orange juice and some popcorn. hmmm Have a nice evening everyone.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Oh The Decisions

Should I pack?
Shouldn't I pack?
Should I wait until last minute?

Why break the habit of a life time?

I think I'm gonna wait until last minute (Friday night) before I really start to pack all my things up. I know I keep going on about this moving house thing but I've never lived actually on my own before.

I was in one of those 'really-can't-be-bothered' moods today and I was |-----| <- that close to cancelling my driving lesson but I'm quite glad I didn't now because it went really well. He had a new car which looked like a space ship on the inside. Seriously if you ever see a new AA driving car parked up take a peek inside.... I mean the hand brake was in a weird place. Instead of being in-between the two seats in the front it was like sticking out the dashboard where the radio usually is. It was weird at first but woah it was awesome. He said I'm really good driving in heavy traffic because for the past 6 months I've been having lessons at 5pm haha so I have that one clocked but he's never seen me on the open road or anything haha. He wants me to strt following directions next week! Ah!!

We walked to my new house from my old one earlier this evening. Hmm the neighbourhood is interesting. They seem harmless enough. It took a whole 10 minutes to get there. There's literally a snicker heading straight for my house... Although I wouldn't like to go down there in the dark.

Sorry for no pics this evening I'm posting on my phone as I am shying away from my laptop; mainly because it is broken but also because if I go to my room I will see all the things I have to organise. It's better to stay away from the mess. Out of sight out of mind. So I'm watching Valkyrie downstairs with my sister. :)

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Time Out

I can't believe the weeks are just zooming by, soon we'll all be thinking about CHRISTMAS!! Oh noose!

I am so tired this week. Still currently living out of boxes so no fashion post that I can think of today, not that I am wearing anything in fashion anyway. I do need to get healthier though I think. But all in good time I'm sure.

Work was good. Evening was unplanned but great and then I came home and I am shattered. No sleeping techniques needed for me tonight. But I still have the cold, it's not as bad as the weekend though which is good and hopefully it'll be gone by this weekend. I'm still trying to decide what internet provider I am going to go with once I move. I've already decided on NPOWER for my bills because they are fairly reasonable and they aren't changes their prices for a while. Water is obviously Yorkshire Water and yeah I'm not getting a TV Licence or TV package so DVD's all the way for me and all the usual iPlayers :)

So, who should win the fight? BT, Talktalk, Plusnet, Virgin or Sky (I'm not really fussed about Sky to be honest but they do a few months free so might as well get peoples opinion on those too.

P.S. 3 days until moving day!!

Monday, 25 July 2011

Cold in Summer

I don't have hayfever and I am not really allergic to anything, that I know of. So why oh why do I have a cold in SUMMER?! I mean it shouldn't be called a cold if it's not even brought on by the cold. Being cold probably doesn't probably help when trying NOT to get a cold. It should be called by its proper term, 'viral infection' or otherwise known as 'stupidly-annoying-inconvenient-viral-infection'. Because, let's face it, there has never been a time I can remember that a cold (aka viral infection) has ever been convenient.

It's not so bad today though. I think I've passed my germs on to my sisters, my collegues at work and my boyfriend, so maybe the viral infection will think I've shared my germs enough and will go away! :)

Hm, the idea of moving into my own place still hasn't dawned on me yet... but I'm sure it will; after everyone leaves at the end of the weekend. Me does love my house though. I'll definitely post pictures! Before it's homely and a few months down the line, like christmas time.... where hopefully it'll be really homely.

I have no fashion sense at the moment as I am living out of boxes. I had a fun weekend at Adam's it was brill (as he put it). We enjoyed a lovely evening BBQ celebration for him and his brothers birthday and we set off some chinese laterns AARRGGHH!! So cool. Then, Saturday, we went into Durham. But I shall be posting pictures when I remember to get some off Adam. :)

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Hi Ho Hi Ho It's Off To...

... Newcastle I go! Tomorrow I mean :)


I'm there over the weekend for Adam and James' birthday. I really need to get a train pass, I get 3rd off any travel because I am aged 16-25. I keep saying I'll get one and then something else comes up on the list that needs paying for first. :)

I'm trying to kick-start a healthier eating thing. This morning I had lots of fruit for breakfast, and then my sisters brought me a surprise lunch, McDonalds. This evening I got home to some lovely healthy fish and parsley sauce. Am I the only one who can quite happily sit there and dunk potatoes into lots of parsley sauce? It is most definitely would you like some food with your parsley sauce! Then later on we went for a chat and a giggle with the lovely ladies from Relief Society and we had snacks there... Galaxy and Mars snack bars... So I think healthier eating for today was BIG FAIL! And I ate after 7pm. I won't even think about tomorrow.

Do you ever find that you seem to have the two same things constantly on your mind? Mine is weight and money and money and weight. Fun fun. I just realised, the 'i-before-e-except-after-c' rule doesn't apply to weight either. In fact why is that a rule? It should just be the 'write-what-looks-right' rule. I think that sounds better too.

I've been talking to Hazel from church about my moving day and so far I have two vans, lots of pairs of hands, lots of furniture thanks to a few wonderful people, and no keys or house, until 30th.

Oh and nothing is packed.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

The Piano Teacher

This is kind of a book review. I finished reading my bathroom book. It was called 'The Piano Teacher', I did mention it a really long time ago about the same time as I was reading 'The Picture of Dorian Gray'; only I finished that book a while ago. It's all those long train journeys to Newcastle. A good book can always keep you company.

Anyway, 'The Piano Teacher'. It was good. Uhm, the ending was a bit odd. I still think the book should have been called something else because it was centered around this 'Will Truesdale' character and not the actual piano teacher but I guess not all lead characters are the most important. I don't usually read books based in Asia, no idea why. I mean it could be because some of the names are really hard to pronounce and when that happens you just lose the flow of the book and you can't immerse yourself properly. I guess thats why some romcom novels are really good because you can just sit back and immerse yourself.

I would recommend 'The Piano Teacher' to other people just to see what their views on it are. It's not a very long book I just only read it at short intervals and the ending is quite sad. I think somewhere in one of the blurb bits it says the book is a modern day version of 'The Atonement' (the film with James McAvoy and Kiera Knightley) and I can kind of see why that might be. There are a few similarities in there. It's not a bad book I just think I have mixed feelings on it.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Fashionista - WiP

Work in Progess.

Haha, me fashionista. I actually think this statement is hilarious. I'm moving house, again. My life is in boxes. Again. Or splattered over my bed like a clothing grenade just gone off. My clothes are not in a wardrobe they are in two boxes (which makes a difference from 3 full ones). I have one box for t-shirts and jeans and one for dresses and skirts. I started taking pictures of my clothes but got bored.

...Oh my boxes are 80 litres...

...I know.

So, I've been looking for a wardrobe. I can't decide whether I want a spruced up shiny shiny one that is slightly expensive (eventually) or one of the cheaper ones from Argos. They have a 3 door one which I think I'll need. :) But with wardrobes comes coat hangers... and coat hangers, let's be honest are helpful but the bane of anybody's life, and you can't deny it. You add up all the hangers and you're still short of a skirt one, or you need one for a pretty shirt you don't want to spoil but all you've got are the rubbish ones that can barely hold a tie never mind your shirt. Then there's the decision of whether to hang up your t-shirts or fold them into your drawers, but if they are in your drawer you can't see the ones at the bottom and then you end up mix-matching and looking like you've just gotten out of bed.

See my woes?

I am trying to find some sort of closet tidy thing that holds a lot of clothes but still lets you see them all so you can work out what you have and what you don't need. And I'm looking for a shoe tidy to push under my bed but I won't get started on one of those... I have 4 drawers full of shoes, and some downstairs on the shoe-rack. Hmm...

Monday, 18 July 2011


I have been a bit slack in posting recently; which is actually a shame because I love posting and I want to be one of those people that has a really long blog even if nobody is reading it!

This evening Emily did a really awesome FHE lesson on being inspired. It was long but it was fun. I guess that's one thing to be glad about with us all being grown up, mum doesn't have to do all the FHE lessons!

Emily asked us to write down 5 words that described what inspired us. I wrote 'Personal Quotes that People Say'. For some reason no matter how I am feeling or what I trying to say someone else can always explain it better than me, whether it's through a song or just a random quote I've found online. The other 5 word sentance I wrote (Yeah I kinda cheated) was, 'rainbows, spring rain and butterflies'. These things inspire me too.

I think sometimes, in fact most of the time, it's the things that inspire that keep us going. Keep us on the straight and narrow going towards our one goal in life, because let's face it, we all have different ways of getting there. We all have our own definitions of the straight and narrow (even if they are a little wonky), none of us are perfect.

Emily's also set us the challange of 'What inspires you?' and she's stuck it to the living room door (main entry door to the house) and whenever something inspires us this week, we have to write it down.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

I Heart B.O.G.O.F's

We all love bogof's right? You know the Buy One Get One Free's of this world?

Emily went to the shop this evening hoping that with £2 she could get some Jaffa Cakes for a house full of seriously chocolate-jaffa-cake-craving women and what did we get? TWO packs of jaffa cakes, buy one get one free... and some Cadbury's chocolate fingers, can't go wrong with that?

So I've decided to let you all know about all the other wonderful offers you can get for enjoying yourself's from pampering to a meal out to just a simple bogof. We all love to save a bit of money here and there don't we so why not have all our favourite places in one...

Now, at the moment I'm only signed up to 3 dealtastic savers:
KGB Deals
I've yet to use any of them, but my friend and collegue, Carolyn from work printed off a voucher for us both to go out one day in the next month or so I presume and get a full body fake tan (I've never had one before) and have our nails done... which knowing me will only last like, 2 days. But I'm really excited about it. The best thing about it is, the price! It's only £9, down from £33, can't say no to treating yourself a little bit can you?

Go on, sign up and give yourself notification of a treat, you never know what you might find. Oh and please let me know of anything you guys find!

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Review of Resolutions

I found an old diary (I say old because I usually go through about 4/5 a year), and it was from the beginning of the year. It had my new year's resolutions in it. For some reason I keep making the same ones. The only one I've actually properly crossed off is 'Start Learning to Drive'. I do have high hopes of passing before this year is out. If I pass in December I can say it took a year to pass... Craziness. My lesson was pretty good today though.

How do we stick to new year's resolutions? I guess you just have to be very ruthless and know exactly what you want to do and be really headstrong in doing it. Maybe in a few months time I can buy a wii. I am thinking of starting to walk to work and back again. Yes, as you can tell I'm on about, 'Losing Weight'. I'm sure everyone I know has had this on their New Year's Res list for... ages.

By the time I move into my new place it'll be 30 minutes to walk to work, which if I think about it, it'll take 30 minutes to get a bus into town and bus back out again to work so I might as well walk and save the £75 a month (I hate not being young enough to have a student pass). I'll be on minimal food as well so I don't know how that'll work out.

How much would you say bills are roughly for a 1 bed house? Anyone? :)

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

To Build a Home

I love this song, it's by The Cinematic Orchestra. It comes up in a lot of films. I just love the piano in this and since I got my speakers back from my dad's I've been able to appreciate my music more efficiently (I've always wondered why the 'i before e' rule has never applied to that word).

There is a house built out of stone
Wooden floors, walls and window sills...
Tables and chairs worn by all of the dust..
This is a place where I don't feel alone
This is a place where I feel at home.......

Bit of a busy day today and I didn't even really do much! I went to work, watched a carpet get fitted, took a referral then came home. I feel like I've been stood up all day, even though I haven't. So, when I relaxed this evening onto my bed it was a big sigh of relief and tomorrow we're nearly half way through the week. Only my driving lesson to do!

I got my house!!! I get to move on the 30th July, I was going to move on the 1st of August but I just realised it's Bank Holiday so I can't and it's a good job I told them the 30th! I can't wait. I won't have internet though until some guy comes and sorts it for me. Then it's all the other bills too. Oh how fun. :D But yay! Updates soon for you all!

I won't do a countdown honest...

Monday, 11 July 2011

This is What Happens...

...When the girl(s) come home.

My floor gets covered in an array of nail varnishes, make up and clothes. I think if we were all the same clothes size it wouldn't be too bad because then we wouldn't buy as many clothes, but saying that, Emily and I wear the same size shoes and we both collectively have about 40 pairs of shoes...

...How can anyone have that many pairs of shoes?

Still waiting for news on my house everyone but fingers crossed I get it!

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Slow Sunday

My internet seems to be having some sort of weird attack or something. It has taken me about an hour to try and post, how's that for dedication? Or rather desperation, since I haven't posted since Wednesday!? I would have an excuse but I really don't. I just got lazy and kept saying "I'll do it later", then 'later' I was asleep. Oh well, sincere apologies everyone.

Today was really sweet at church, a little random and different to my usual Sunday's but it's nice to have a change for once. Church seemed to be really quiet... either that or everyone just sat at the back like little school kids all trying to be the coolest. Sacrament was really lovely and we had some really nice *cough* long *cough* talks.

I only have two girls in my class now! It's gone from potentially five, to two! Oh dear. But nevermind. Those two are complete rascals and could make up for the loss of the other three! The thing is, when they are being naughty or a little mischevious I can't be mad at them because they are just too cute so I laugh at them. My boyfriend thinks I will eventually be a stern mother, but to be honest I seriously doubt it. I just think little people are too cute to be annoyed at.

My lesson today was about loving our brothers and sisters, and showing them we love them by helping them. But apparently my class don't love their siblings (obviously joking) and don't help them at all. Hope told me that when her baby brother cries she gives him a hug but then he pushes her away, but we got to the point of the lesson in the end.

Emily and I were invited over to Hazel's house, our Relief Society President's house. It was really fun as most of the other YSA were there too. So 10 of us were crammed around a table, that includes a little man about 18 months, he was an honorary YSA. Even though there wasn't loads of food, we all still got fed and full on it. Including gorgeous cake! We all love cake. We'd have gone out somewhere in the evening, like Oakwell Hall but the weather couldn't decide what it wanted to do. Typically British then.

Back to work tomorrow. Have a good week everyone. I will hopefully have news of my house by tomorrow! FINGERS CROSSED!

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Easier Than It Looks

I decided today that for a whole 10 seconds I would dislike my driving instructor! Only because I could see the method in his somewhat crazy madness... and he nearly broke the door on his AA driving car! And I thought I was supposed to be the one to break the car... tut tut.

The reason for my disliking is this, it has taken me 4-5 weeks to perfect my reversing around a corner, bearing in mind people I only had 1 hour a week for a lesson and I don't have anyone to practice with in between, and then he gets me to do parallel parking.

The easiest manouver in driving I've done so far... and I've done a three point turn, reversing around a corner and now parallel parking. When he explained it to me he said it sounds harder than it is... and really it is easier than it looks. The only thing you need to remember to do is get the steering right once you're at 45 degree angle to the pavement and swinging the car round once your wheel is near enough, but seriously?! I was well annoyed haha because I wanted to do the easier stuff first, but that's why I was only annoyed for 10 seconds because hey! I can reverse around a corner now and parallel parking is easy... now just onto reversing into a parking space... Let the fun begin. He also tried to break something else in the car, maybe my instructor should get some extra insurance!

So, yeah, parallel parking... in the bag. :)

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

If I 'ad an 'ome of me Own

Apparently in Yorkshire we miss letters out of words and sometimes even miss words out altogether. Maybe that's why people like the English writing style so much; I don't know.

I am still 'addicted' to Pinterest. I say 'addicted' because I don't think about it all day every day and I can live without 'repinning' for a day or two but then its like my body gets withdrawal symptoms and I find myself going back to it and 'pinning' like mad.

Today's focus is usually fashion, but I think that's all I've really been posting about recently; only because of my new addiction polyvore, but I can't afford any of the clothes on there at the moment anyway... so all I can do is sit and drool, and let's be honest, where's the fun in that?

So, my post today is 'If I 'ad an 'ome of me own' it'd look something like this:

I love light and airy colours. :D What do you think?

Sunday, 3 July 2011


I hope you've all had a great few days. Sorry I haven't posted. I feel slightly ashamed that I didn't post on the first day of the month as it's not a great way to start but nevermind we soilder on!

Thursday I travelled back from Aberdare in Wales with all my junk, and let me just tell you... I have a LOT of junk and it all needs to be sorted by the 14th of July for when my brother arrives home otherwise my youngest sister will be sleeping on the sofa. It's a lot of stuff. I'll just have to go through it one box at a time.

Friday I went to a church dance and it was my last day off work. Oh how time flies when you're having fun. Oh and I dislike Primark very much at the moment, I think a lot of people dislike Primark but they shop in there because it's cheap. I went in looking for some experimentally coloured trousers (ash red). I found a few pairs but none in my size and then when I did find some in my size (or so the hanger led me to believe) the actual size of the trousers weren't my size at all. And don't even get me started on the silly customer assistant at the changing rooms who snatched clothes out of my hand...

Yesterday was fun, Adam and I went to Alton Towers. It was pretty awesome but could have been a little better if we'd have gotten our lazy bums up and out of the house in the morning on time. We left an hour later than we said which consequently got us stuck in a traffic jam, but it cleared really weirdly. Like one minute there, next minute gone. I sincerely recommend going on Thi3teen.

We didn't manage to get on Rita but we've decided next time we go we're going to go on all the big rides first like Air, Oblivion, Nemesis and Rita, then have lunch... then go on all the little rides. I am even considering buying a fast track ticket next time we go, it was such a hot sunny day, queues were ridiculous. But it was awesome fun. One of the rides had a power cut (or rather half the site had a power cut) so we got to go round on it twice.

Enjoy the week everyone!

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Polyvore: Red is Reality

Well, I've mentioned Polyvore before and I was looking through my spring colours collection and found I was missing the colour Red, or rather I was missing every other colour besides varations on green and brown. So I decided through Polyvore to see what colours in my spring palette would go with red, it's not letter box red though, I've found it's more burgandy or amber red. It looks perfect with cream and brown. I am loving it loads. And I finally found a website (meaning polyvore) where I can collect all the colours in my spring palette in one place! (Sorry for the big gaps, just the picture I'm afraid).

Someone once told me it is all about the accessories, the earrings, necklaces, scarves... etc, and now I kind of believe them since one scarf can bring a whole outfit together. I just wish I had the money spare to just go out and buy a nice cream jacket. Then it's all about body shape. I'd say I'm just a nice big round but actually I'm pear-shaped and you have to wear specific fittings of clothing for your shape. It all gets confusing you know. I can't believe some people just have this stuff automatically generated into their brains whereas for me, I have to learn this stuff.
I have a confession to make, I used to HATE gold. Despise it. I didn't like the look of it at all and I'd much rather have a white gold wedding ring BUT this deep ashburn red that I really starting to love goes brilliantly with gold, cream and brown. It just looks gorgeous don't you think? Well, maybe eventually I'll have some money to get some really good items of clothing together. Now I've got my colours sorted and what should wear its about time to start minimising my wardrobe. Yes, I mean it. I've been at my dad's this week picking up the rest of my clothes and let me just tell you, I love skirts, but I really don't need anymore, not at least until I either have the money to buy some OR I get rid of an old, or both really. So, what I'm going to do is take picture of ALL my clothes put them online and see what goes with what... like a collage. I think it's going to be fun.

On another plus side, I have ALL my art things back too YAY! So more art work to be up when I get chance and space to do any.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Today I Went to Bubble Bath!

I had an abfab day (absolutely fabulous) for those of you who don't know what that means.

I woke up early to the sign of sunshine through my window. Dad and Gayle said it'd be great to go to Bath and who was I to moan? Gayle has never been to Bath before so it was great to show her around. It was nice to back there again only just a little odd because minor things had changed but it still feels like home. It's so beautiful there. We went to Wetherspoon's where I used to work for lunch and then journeyed up to the Royal Crescent and the Circus which Gayle found really beautiful. We were going to go into the Roman Baths but it was like £12.00!!! The last time I went there it was £8.00 and before that, I was a resident, it was free.

Then to top off the day we went to go see my lovely friende Cecily and her beautiful little boy Hunter. I have no idea why but at first I was so scared of dropping him and getting my arm under his head, I totally believe it's because I had him leaning on the wrong arm. He is gorgeous with his cute little face and tiny hands and feet. I gave him back to mummy then I had another go, that time though, he was full and a little sleepy. So he went to sleep on me, which was really really cute. He kept yawning too. He's definitely got the major CUTE-FACTOR! 1,000,000 points to Cecily and Andy for creating a cutey!

But just to top off an awesome day I seem to be getting a bad throat. Hopefully it's just because of the warm husky weather! I shall post fashionista things tomorrow.