Saturday, 30 April 2011

So-Long Sunderland Saturday

Bethany and I left Sunderland today and travelled the few hours back to Bradford; back to reality.

We've had a really nice time at Emily's this week and I am so glad the weather held out for us... all week!

Tuesday we arrived quite late in the evening dumping all our things in the bedroom and pretty much falling straight asleep, tell me, why is travelling so tiring?

Wednesday we got up pretty late but enjoyed the afternoon sunshine by the glass center where emily studies her degree.

Thursday we went to the beach of course where the sun was shining but the sea was lashing back nippy winds but we still managed it.

Friday we watched the Royal Wedding; went into town so Emily could shop a little and I tried on some tan coloured trousers... the colour looked good but the shape was alll wrong.

Saturday (today) we went into town and Emily bought some amazing heels from garage, I bought some dark brown jeans, cream pumps and a gold necklace. I'm not usually one for gold jewellery but apparently it goes with my skin and hair tones, we'll see.

This post isn't going to be too long today because I am just sooo tired from travelling, and we didn't even travel that far.

Extra note to all those travelling to Middlesborough from Sunderland, I'm sorry your train got cancelled; I mean whose cleve idea was it to steal train cables anyway??

Since this is Saturday and I ususally do my travel posts on Saturday I would like to add one place to my list of places visited from Apr 2011- Apr 2012 and that is:

1. Sunderland

Okay so the list isn't long but I'll work on it. Have a peaceful Sunday everyone.

: Pictures Pending :

These are the shoes Emily bought.

Friday, 29 April 2011

Friday's Spent Functioning

Functioning as in just being. I didn't have to do anything over the top today to just be.

I love today being a bank holiday, here are a few fantastic reasons:

1. The Royal Wedding, of course, which was absolutely beautiful. Some people are saying they loved Kate's sister's dress more than the actual wedding dress which to me is a completely ridiculous notion. She looked absolutely beautiful.

2. Bank Holiday, I get an extra day off work... I mean I had originally booked this as my holiday days, but since nobody is at work anyway I get an extra day to take off somewhere else! Woo!

3. The shops were still open so I could wander around.
3.5. I just got paid!

I was going to write my post on the Royal Wedding today but everyone has talked it to death; not saying that it wasn't beautiful because it was. Just saying, hmm, I'll talk about something else once I've finished my little warble. She was beautiful, they looked perfect together I mean it's one of those real life fairy-tale wedding tale's that most of us only get to see in romcoms or daft films where dreams of becoming a princess actually come true... and today for Kate Middleton, they did come true. It was lovely.

Tomorrow, Bethany and I go back to Bradford, where it will be a nice change to not eat junk. I swear I'm going to go shopping and fill my basket with so much green stuff people will think I've gone vegetarian.

After the wedding had finished Bethany, Emily and I walked into the town centre where we were trying to predict which shops were open before getting into the shopping centre by looking at the bags that people were walking past us with. We figured that most were open so Emily shopped a little since she'd just got her loan in. I'm still of the notion that she always looks pretty no matter what she wears because she is so slim. So, yes, another health-kick. This time back to the gym in town which is great for to and from work. I don't work that many hours I don't have an excuse.

These posts are so random, has anyone listened to Adele's albums 19 and 21? Does anyone know why she called them 19 and 21? It could be something really simple but I haven't figured it out yet. I've just been flicking through each song trying to find the one I really love on her album 19 called 'Hometown Glory' it's so pretty. Apparently I'm depressing because I listen to it, but I just like easy listening music. I just like day-dreaming probably; too much though. I also like 'Make You Feel My Love' on the same album and 'Someone Like You' on her new(ish) album 21.

My perfect white t-shirt that I bought yesterday... now has a nice bright red sploge on it of curry; that I've only just noticed 5 hours after eating curry. Anyone know if it'll come out or not? How is vanish on this type of stuff?

I went round all the shops today trying to look for some other trousers to wear besides jeans or jeans... but all I could find were cropped trousers which just make me look stumpy and quite frankly awful. I thought the colour was good on them all but my sisters faces didn't. Trust me they didn't have to say a thing. I can't wait to get my clothes from my dad's place so I can sort through everything and most probably get rid of a lot of stuff that I don't wear anymore.

The only nagging feeling I have is that I really want to lose a lot of weight so why spend money on clothes I'm eventually not going to fit into but everyone needs to feel good, and as someone I know says 'To feel good you need to look good'. Okay, so maybe that saying seems a tad 'shallow' but it kinda works and it's the optimism I need to help me when spending money that in a few months or so will be drained.

I'm going T shopping on Monday woo!

Thursday, 28 April 2011

T-shirt Thursday

Hey all,

Bethany told me I should title my post today 'Tuna Pasta Bake Thursday' but I'm not going to, mainly because it sounds weird. Today was really good. I accidentally stayed up until 5 o'clock in the morning my eyes fixated on a book Bethany told me I had to bring with me over this holiday called 'The Kommandants Girl' set in Nazi Germany. I was completely hooked. I was on Chapter 20 when I decided I should probably sleep. Don't you just love it when you get so involved in a book you can't bare to turn your attention away; there's something so great about leaving the real world behind having transfixed yourself into your own imagination.

So, because I didn't go to sleep until very early in the morning I didn't get up until 12ish. I actually woke thinking 'I don't want to open my eyes incase it's earlier than I think it is in the morning and it means I have to go MAKE myself go back to sleep' but I gazed over to Bethany lying on the blow-up bed and I poked her in the arm; she was awake. She said it was 12ish so we all got up and decided to get ready for the beach.

We wandered out of the house in skirts and shorts prepared for a sand filled afternoon instead we were met with a bitter wind and a cloudy day, okay so not an extremely cloudy day because the sun was out but clouds made the sun disappear which made it cold again... nooo.

But Bethany was extremely determined to get out onto the beach. We bought a make shift racket and a frisbee (in hindsight probably not a good idea since it was really windy) and powered on down to the beach. Once we got there... it was still cold. But we had loads of fun. We spelt our names out in the sand; played bat and ball; Emily and Bethany ventured down to the sea, I'll admit I was too cold to dip into sea, then we went for some chips on the sea front and played airhockey which Bethany won.

Hmm, I actually digressed quite a lot from what I was actually going to say. But what I was going to talk about is the infamous t-shirt. In fact more infamous than just the t-shirt is the white t-shirt! Everyone should have one. In fact I bought one from Primark the other day for get this... £2, they have long sleeved ones and short sleeved ones and vest top ones and strap ones hmm, they probably have strapless ones too but I didn't look. In actual fact I have about 3 white vest tops and now 1 white t-shirt. I mean it goes with everything I wear.

I think it's just because of the holidays that I seem to be watching so many films but this evening we've just finished watching another romcom 'How Do You Know' with Reese Witherspoon and Paul Rudd; he's actually quite good looking for his age, and is it just me or do his eyes just GLISTEN in every film that he is in. Strange right? It's one of those 'nice-guy-actually-comes-first' romcom's which is really cute; even if his competition is Owen Wilson, but you can't win them all.

To finish off the evening we are having a meal; 'super' late and then we are watching 'Laws of Attraction' a film Bethany decided we have to watch. Enjoy our second bank holiday and the beautiful Royal Wedding tomorrow.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Wandering around Sunderland... Wednesday!

Hi all,

We woke up about 11ish... maybe give or take a couple of minutes. Not hours. The sun was shining through Emily's bedroom/living room blinds but there were a couple of clouds in the sky so we were slightly worried about the weather but by the time we'd managed to get ourselves showered and dressed the sun was shining; but deceivingly so, as the wind was extremely cold.

We shuffled into town to buy some food for the next few days and I must say, mum would be proud, and we shopped in the cheaper places. I think tomorrow we're going to window shop and then go to the beach.

I don't know if anyone will remember but last week I showed you some photos of Emily's glasswork which is incredible and today we went over to the National Glass Center where Emily works, in the workshop, blowing glass... and stuff. The Glass Center was fun enough but then we walked on this bridge over the workshop Emily blows the glass in and we saw all kinds of glass work and ceramic work. It was really interesting. Emily said hi to one of her tutors and we took a little sneak peak at some of Emily's work down in the workshop area which apparently isn't open to students or visitors alike over the Easter period, so we were lucky.

-Picture Note: The glass above us that you can see in the pic is where we were stood only a few minutes before!

Down there we saw some of the most amazing stuff. I didn't take pictures because I didn't think it would be right unless they've put it online somewhere themselves. Anyway, we saw pots, glasses, vases, jugs... I left a little note for Emily's friend Erin too so she might see it when she gets back from Easter Hols.

I stood on the top of the Glass Center, but Emily didn't tell me until we got up there that is has a glass roof, kinda obvious really but it didn't click until I was walking and I could see a hundred metres or so below me... hmm, SCARY MUCH? The harbour was beautiful and from the top of the Glass Center you can see all the way down the estuary and to the sea!

So I took some photos of that and of this and of that and this, and before we knew it, it was 5 o'clock and the sun was still shining very brightly in the sky but my poor feet had had enough. So we came home.

We had a mammoth dinner, it was huge. Between three of us we had a 12" pizza, chicken wings (supposed to be 8 but we had 12??), 8 pieces of garlic bread and some potato wedges... all for a FIVER! That's why mum's go to Iceland. (Sorry couldn't help myself).

Okay so another film we watched today, Inception, Bethany said she really didn't want to watch it because it's too psychological and it's all they ever seem to talk about in her Pysch' classes at college, but her eyes were glued the minute I turned it on.

A man called Tom (Leo DiCaprio) is employed to go into the depths of a multi-millionnaire energy tycoon's mind and plant an idea into his brain that his dad didn't want him to keep the business running when he died. Leo DiCap' has to go deep enough into this man's mind to have him believe he'd made the idea up himself when actually it's DiCaprio's idea all along. DiCaprio is employed by another energy tycoon to do this so DiCaprio can get back to his children in America. The rest I can't tell you. But you really should watch it.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Travel Tuesday

Evening (just).

I had to rush to my laptop these evening to get this post in before 00:00 on Wednesday. I am a tad OCD for that kinda thing.

We travelled to Sunderland today from Bradford. I scurried over with Emily and Bethany after work and I found a few blog apps on my iPhone. Some pretty interesting ones actually. One is like a mini travel blog where you post pictures of where you are and what you are doing and where you are going. Well, I thought it was fun.

So I usually post on Saturdays my travel post but since I travelled four hours up the country today I figured this could be a travel post. We went from Bradford to York, then from York to Sunderland.

I don't know if you've ever been on any of the Grand Central trains but they are seriously fun! On the tables on the trains there are game boards like chess/checkers and cluedo. We even saw a monopoly board, which didn't make much sense since there are no pieces to play with! Emily rummaged around her bag and purse and found 8 1p's and 8 2p's which her and Bethany played almost an hours game of checkers on. It was extremely funny to watch.

What was also funny to watch was Bethany's impressions of Michael McIntyre which provoked me to bring up YouTube videos of Michael McIntyre on my phone without my headphones on... We had some random people looking at us because of it, but he is hilarious.

We got to Sunderland and Emily said it would be a 10-15 minute walk to her house... turns out its actually a 25 minute walk to her house. It's weird seeing a city at night especially places that are usually very busy because all of a sudden they look like ghost towns and nobody seems to be about; we didn't even see any homeless people here this evening.

Emily has a nice house and I can't wait to go exploring some more tomorrow. I just want the weather to hold out. It seemed pretty cold out half an hour ago.

Have a good day tomorrow everyone! I'll be posting a link to my travel blog on my phone so we'll see how that goes! Oh I brought my camera but forgot my battery charger and we have run out of toilet roll!


Monday, 25 April 2011

More-ish Monday's

My keyboard seems to have given up on me this evening. My letter's keep sticking!

I hope you've all had a great Easter break, it's just a shame we're back to reality tomorrow... still I'm sure the weather will help keep us in good spirits. Plus, I can't really complain, I'm back at work for 1 day then I'm off to Sunderland with the sisters.

I'm sat watching Lord Of The Rings: Return of the King, since over this last weekend I've managed to watch the other two. So, again, I'm slighty distracted. I watched another random film today too; Premonition. Sandra Bullock stars with the guy from Charmed who is a demon and he is also in Nip/Tuck but his name escapes me. It's quite a strange film actually with all the scenes being in a non-chronological order; they show you in the 'Extra Features' what order the film was filmed in and then separates it to make her seem insane. It actually works quite well.

I also watched 'The Lovely Bones' yesterday too. It was a book made into a film which reminds me of a novel by R.J. Ellory called 'A Quiet Belief in Angels'. A young girl is killed and is kept in limbo until she can do what it is she is stuck in limbo for. All throughout the film it pushes the belief that she is still there because she must see her killer caught, but in actual fact she stays because of something else. It is a really beautiful film because her family never stop looking for her killer; never stop looking at the one person who the police have stopped looking at.

I was going to write my post on artwork today but films seem to have taken over. I could write about the artistic way they filmed Premonition; how they filmed it all in narrative order but then swopped it all round... But I shaln't bore you all.

Other types of artistic film were of course film noir in the 1920's and the silent films of years before that but my brain is too asleep at the moment to think of it all.

Enjoy the rest of the bank holiday weekend everyone!

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Summer's Sunday

Hey Everyone!

I hope you've all had a good Easter Sunday. I did.

I find the more blog posts I make the easier it is for me to chat and warble on to who knows how many people are reading. The posts seem to be less rigid more flowy or something.

Well, as we all know, today was Easter Sunday. So I taught the 3 yr olds about the Latter-Day Saint meaning of Easter. But they already knew. They already knew Jesus died for us so we can go back and live with Heavenly Father, just like that. They kept saying it to me. It was the cutest thing in the world to see 3 year olds tell me the real meaning of Easter, before I've even taught them it. They didn't even want to colour in the Easter egg pictures I printed for them. They only wanted to colour in the picture of Mary stood in front of the tomb with the stone that had been moved.

I'm thinking of less generalising my blog, it's a move in the right direction I think. Instead of blogging about 6/7 different things I want to blog about 1 or 2 things. Fashion, or rather my lack of it and something else. I'm thinking of blogging about health and food too but in another blog, don't want to cramp this one too much.

Well, tomorrow is another holiday day and I am dying to get out and about. I really need to just get on a bus and go somewhere. Not sure yet but I'll let you know what I get upto. I must charge my camera!

Sorry that this post is so, uhmm, vague. I am watching a film, 'The Perfect Man', it's the cheesiest and most teenage romcom film I've ever seen but y'know there's just those times of the week where all you want is to watch a romcom and just *sigh*.

Yep, I'm a romcom kinda gal, but I can't help it. I was watching 'You've Got Mail' earlier. Quite possibly the greatest RomCom film EVER!

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Stuffed-Up Saturday!


You guys, I am SO FULL!

My mum wanted to eat her chocolate easter egg today so well, if she had permission so did we. And I've eaten one, well not yet one; but I'm getting there.

Then of course there is the beautiful Sunday/Saturday Roast dinner complete with stuffing and yorkshire puddings. YUM! But urgh. Full.

Today has been washing day. I tend to pile up my washing then do it all when I literally have to walk around in my PJ's to get it all done. Then I kinda get back on my clean-horse and do the washing every week, for about 2 weeks... then it piles up again. Anyone got any tips as to how I can keep on top of my washing?

Today was going to be a travel post but I haven't actually been anywhere. I have said before, I think very briefly in my first post, that I want to travel around West Yorkshire on my bus pass covering A-Z. I have thought of A- Addingham, Adel. But I can't think of anywhere beginning with J, X or Z.

I am going a bit further afield next week; on Tuesday evening Bethany, Emily and I head to Sunderland. I've never actually been there before. I was looking at Newcastle for a University years ago but I ended up going south. Anyhoo, I think I can add Sunderland to my list of places visited after the end of this week.

I am thinking of making a list of new places I visit throughout the year so when I look back in a years time tada! I'll have a nice long list.

Enjoy the sunshine tomorrow, but I think I smell rain!

Friday, 22 April 2011

Good Friday!

Hi all,

Quite a late evening post today but that's okay.

I am loving the weather we are having right now! Aren't you!?

I won't jinx it with the 'R' word or anything. This is supposed to be a self-help post but all I can think about is the beautiful weather, so how about I write how I keep cool in these warm sunny days!

Well, I wear skirts. I've been wearing jeans recently because all my skirts have been in the wash but that's such a bad idea. And contrary to what people may think longer skirts are better. Why? Because they, to be frank, let more air swish around your legs. Some people wear shorter skirts but the maxi ones are the best. I bought one from Dorothy Perkins a couple of months back and I practically live in it.

Put a bottle of water in your freezer the night before you go to bed, wake up in the morning and yay! You have an icecube drink, but no fear in this summer heat by the time you've taken it out of the freezer and left it on the side for a few minutes it will have melted a little.

Icecubes!! Yes you can buy ice-lollies and ice-cream but much cheaper way is making your own ice-lollies by putting some squash in an ice-lolly mould or putting some water in an ice-cube mould and there you have it. Do you like the one Bethany and I saw in Paperchase?

Leave your windows and doors open. Obviously not if you're about to go out anywhere but whilst your in the house let the air whoosh through then at night time leave your window open a crack. I'm quite safe because I just have a sky-light window. I think it's about time we got some air-conditioning!

So, skirts, water, ice-cubes, windows... that's all the fun stuff. Now onto the boring stuff... SUN SCREEN!! Make sure you put it on. I'm rubbish with the sun I have to wear spf40 or something ridiculous. It's not been so bad this year as I've been in the office most of the day and when I get out in the afternoon the weather has calmed down.

Well! Enjoy the sunshine and have a Happy Easter everyone!

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Yay! It's Thursday!

Hey everyone,

I couldn't post yesterday. I rushed from work to the park for a 'nicpic' then back home and out again for a Primary meal. I was a late stop out and didn't get back until after 10ish, but... the internet had gone off. After a few miserable attempts to turn it back on again I went to bed. It was a bit weird not posting yesterday. It's like something I do everyday. I wouldn't say it's like missing an arm or anything but it was a bit odd not rambling about my day online.

I suppose this post should be about the beautiful Royal Wedding coming up next weekend. I wasn't really getting into the patriotic side of things but these last couple of days I've secretly wanted to watch it when they show it on TV next week; if it is only to see what she is wearing... I mean it is a bit exciting isn't it. It's not like the Prince of our country gets married everyday.

And they are a beautiful couple aren't they? :)

Well, I think so. I can understand people getting a little irate about the Royal Wedding covering the first few pages of a newspaper I mean people dying in war, and getting lost in earthquakes are probably a bit more horrific, but what's wrong with a bit of good news for once. Are we so addicted to the bad news in the world that we can't appreciate the good?

The answer must quite simply be yes. I am not super patriotic, I don't fly the English flag (nor any other flag) when the World Cup is on but even so, we are the United Kingdom, let's show a bit of unity hmm?

So, last week I'd have said 'Don't watch the Royal Wedding if you don't want to' but this week I say 'Watch it, why ever not?'.

Now, to convince my sisters... They might not want to give up a day on the beach next week.

Have an amazing Bank Holiday everyone!

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Scarf Co-ordination

Hay Fever Everyone!

I seem to have been caught up in it all this early summer's year. I've never had it before. I don't think it's as bad as some of my friends hayfever but I feel sympathy for you, all I've done is sneeze all day. I'm just praying I don't get any of the other bad-luck symptoms!

I know I've been blabbering on about 'Spring' colours and what they are and how I am suited to them. But I haven't said why they suit me the most according to the book 'Colour Me Confident' I have a 'light colour palette' ranging from 'soft white' to 'rose brown', which sound like sweet colours to me.

The reasons for this according to the book are that my look is:

Light and Delicate
The undertone of my skin is either warm or cool (back to this later, but my tone is cool, hence why I can wear mint green and it looks okay).
The depth of my colouring is light, anybody who knows me, knows my skin is pale

It says in the book I should invest four substitutes for black that can be worn all year round. These are:

Stone, Taupe, Cocoa & Pewter

I have to admit I'm not so keen on the pewter but I can imagine it'd look okay in Winter.

I was told to buy an accessory that has as many of my colours in it as possible; obviously that means as many as actually looks good. The best accessory was the scarf that in different forms can be worn all year round and can give that dress the finishing touch it needs.

The best place to look for an accessory in my eyes, is Accessorize.

I tried to pick ones that would go with the key pieces in my wardrobe which I will take a picture of once they're dry. :) I also tried to pick completely different colours yet all in my 'Spring' palette.

I'm going to downsize my rubbish wardrobe so I can slowly upsize my proper wardrobe...

...It's not like my mum has been telling me for years to do it, but better late than never.

Monday, 18 April 2011

Monday's Marbles!

Happy Late Evening!

I think I've lost my marbles. I keep dropping things and bumping into things today which is why I'm very glad there are only just over 2 hours of today left... Still that's plenty of time to drop some more things. I think the weekend relaxes my brain too much so my marbles fall through the cracks, I need the rest of the week to pick them up again.

I must again confess to not really reading much in the news this past week. I've been a bit oblivious to it all... Again I totally blame this on the fact we have no Metro on the bus in the morning. Plus the office has moved nearer to town so quicker bus rides. Oh yeaah!!

Blame everything but myself :D

Okay so today I'm going to big up a sister of mine who is visiting from University. She's in Sunderland studying 'Glass and Ceramics' although I'm not quite sure how you study something like that but every time she comes home she blesses us with the creations she has made over the past few months since we saw her last.

Like this:

I've told her she needs to take requests from people and start making things for friends, family and those who just generally like her work. I wouldn't say they're the most 'traditional' stuff in the box, but I love her quirky style and yeah okay, I may be 'slightly' biased but the work she does is really great.

Emily also makes beads and her own jewellery! I've told her to set up her own blog so you guys can see some of her work, but it really is incredible. I know Emily is no Salvador Dali but she certainly looks like she knows what she is doing. It's never been a passion of mine to blow glass or to carve clay but I can say she does it very well. So as I am sure you can tell, this is definitely an arts post. If you want to see any more of her work just let me know via email or comment here I'll try and post some more of her creations!

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Sacred Sunday

How are you my dears?

Today has been a beautiful day. The sun has been shining through all of it. It's times like these I really wish I had a car because I could just get in it with family and drive somewhere on a beautiful Sunday afternoon!

I feel that Sunday afternoons are for:

Writing Letters
Replying to Family Emails
Writing in my Blog
Listening to Calm Music (ok Otis Redding may NOT be 'calm' but he's certainly better to listen to than Rhianna or hmm Cheryl Cole)
Studying the Institute Manual

Amongst other things. :)

I taught my beautiful 3-yr olds in Primary today about Adam and Eve; that they were created in Heavenly Father's image. They now know that animals, trees and flowers were created by Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father because they love us. I'm not sure if they got the point of Adam and Eve being created in Heavenly Father's image and they did ask a few times where Adam and Eve are now. But, they do know since Adam and Eve were the first humans on earth and they were created by Our Heavenly Father that we are all related, which one of my little Sunbeams was very happy about.

Today has been a lovely day, back to work tomorrow. But I'll worry about that when I get to it; I think I'll carry on enjoying today first.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Saturday Window Shop

Merry Evening!

Today was a bit of an interesting one; and a blessed one too. I had a little bit of money given to me yesterday and I knew exactly what I was going to do with it; buy a journal. I knew exactly where I was going to buy it from too. Only problem was, the shop is in Leeds. So I was going to trail all the way to Leeds to buy my journal and then travel all the way back. Needless to say I did it; and I brought my sister, Bethany, along for the ride.

Since neither of us had particularly any money I travelled into Bradford went to a pound shop and bought us a bottle of pop each for the day, then I exited and saw a beautiful cupcake shop; just by the poundshop in Kirkgate Centre (for those of you who live in Bradford) and I bought us a luxury cupcake each (they were beautiful, and demolished an hour or so later). Bethany had a little money to buy us a pasty from Greggs and we had our lunch. Simple but oh so effective.

Then we proceeded to Leeds and decided to go into every shop that we could be bothered; regardless of whether we could afford anything in there or not and took pictures of everything we would like to have if we were rich; we even sneaked a few piccys in Pandora, which is a beautiful shop! We went into Clas Ohlsen and took a catalogue.

We journeyed into Muji and smelt the candles and weird smelling soap and took a few pics in there.

I told Bethany we had to go into Kurt Geiger because she is a shoe person. We drooled over the chocolate in Hotel Chocolat especially now they have their Easter stuff out.

Hmmmm. We blew our senses fuse in Lush and took pictures of their Easter chick bath bombs and then over to Paperchase (where I bought my journal) and took pictures of a very over sized chick.

We taried over to 'Scribbler' which had some very nice cards and then over to Debenhams.

We met family back in Bradford and enjoyed a Starbucks. All in all, a very good day. I had exactly enough money to do exactly what I needed to do.

And my washing is still in a pile in the washing bin... Ooops.

Friday, 15 April 2011

Fellow Friday

I haven't read the news today. I've been quite busy and do usually pick up the Metro to see what's been going on in the world but today there wasn't one on the bus this morning. So, whose been nicking all the Metro's?

In college; a good few years back now, for a homework assignment, we were asked to buy 'The Guardian' newspaper by our media teacher. Looking back on it I think they were trying to give us some sort of biased view of theirs by asking us to buy this paper although from some of the other choices of newspaper to read I do like this one the most. I got into the habit of the act but then quickly after leaving college I forgot to buy it again. Monday was the best day to buy it because there was the Media section in it. I digress.

One magazine that has taken a spot on our bathroom floor is the National Geographic. I didn't realise this before but I actually really like this magazine and the amazing photography it holds. There was an article in there and a full-page pull out sheet that showed lots of graphs and statistics regarding the 7 billion people who occupy this world. The average person on the earth by the way is male, 28 and Han Chinese.

Take a look:

Weird thing about it is I am sure only 10 years or so back there were 6 billion people on the earth, so that means there has been an extra 1,000,000,000 people born (we're counting roughly here people) and yet the world still spins on its little axis and still goes the same way around the sun and life still just carries on tick-tocking away... interesting right?

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Thursday Tiredness

I was going to tell you all that I've changed my mind about the order I do my posts and what topic I write about Art, Books - Literature, Church, Fashion, News - Daily Affairs, Self-Help, Travel etc... but I've decided I'm just going to do it because, well because... it's my blog and I can do what I like :)

But today I think I shall write my blog about tiredness, so I suppose this is another self-help post another 'this-is-what-I-do' post. I think we all get tired don't we? We all get to that point some time in the week where our bodies switch to auto pilot and then this is when we realise that we are either good at our jobs or rubbish; obviously if you're good then auto pilot just takes over; no mistakes, but if you're not then mistakes can happen and trouble starts.

People say "get 8 hours of sleep a day" but it's really not that easy is it? I mean once you've come home from work at about 6 made the dinner and washed up/tidied up it's about 7. Then you obviously want a bath so that makes it 8. Who knows what other random stuff you want to do and before you know it time has flown by and you're wide awake even though 4 hours earlier when you just got home from work you were knackered and wanted to sleep...

Then of course you get the 'should I shouldn't I' feeling of whether you should go for a nap and screw up your sleeping pattern by napping at 6pm or whether you shouldn't nap and possibly have another nights screwed up sleep and again feel extremely over-tired in the morning... questions questions. :)

So, not really a self-help post more of a 'have you been there and done that' post; and okay a slight rant at being tired but it's all worth it in the end right :)

Only one more day at work then it's the WEEKEND!! And we have 5 million bank holiday weekends coming up so it's all good.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Weary Wednesday

I am sooo tired!

Books, I'm still churning away at my Mitch Albom book. My mum is reading a book called 'A Thousand Gifts' where a woman challenges herself over a year to write down 1000 things she is thankful for. So when I start my new journal tomorrow I'm going to have a space at the back for 'I am thankful for:'. I need to buy a new journal so a make shift one will have to do for now.

I was also thinking that once I've written a year in my journal which comes up September 17th I am going to type it all up. See how long it is. I think in the beginning when I was first writing in my journal I would miss a few days here and there or one time I actually got really ill and spent most of my time in bed. I'm actually quite surprised that my brain can muster THESE sentances together. I was nearly falling asleep on the phone a minute ago; but I digress.

More recently if I have missed a day in my journal I go back and write from the day I missed, and each day has four sides of paper so if I miss a day; I write lots. But I try not to miss days out since most of the time my days consist of getting up, going to work, coming home, going to bed I very rarely remember anything if I miss a day because I do the same thing every day :) So if I don't write it down and come to a missed day I need to catch up on I can barely remember what I've done since all my days merge into one big jumble.

Anyway, I'm out of steam and I still need to read my scriptures and WRITE IN MY JOURNAL!

Good night my lovelies

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Turbulent Tuesday

Hey there,

Today I admit I have no colour or fashion sense what so ever in the slightest. I think once I get a bit more money I'll build my wardrobe around the colours in my previous chart. So this evening it's all about the window shopping! Or rather click and 'Check' shopping online. I very rarely buy things on e-bay or anything similar because I fear that the sizing is wrong or it won't fit, so I tend to look online at the usual high street stores and then just hope that they have it in stock at the shop I'm web browsing. The usual culprits are: New Look, Dorothy Perkins, M & S, Top Shop, Debenhams and Next; occasionally Peacocks.

I have this walk-on-wardrobe that consists of all my clothes being on the floor. I do usually tidy them away but most of the time they just sit there waiting to be picked up. I want a fancy wardrobe something that makes my room look better; instead I have a wardrobe that was made by my dad and is nearly as old as I am. It's pretty much a few pieces of good hard wood (not sure if it's MDF because it's too strong) nailed together.

Anyway, back to e-shopping. I'm going to focus on the 3rd and 4th column from the left. :) Creams, greens, oranges and browns; neutrals I am sure they're called.

So after surfing the interwebs after what seems like forever I found the following:

It was really easy to find the brighter more vibrant colours but it actually took me a long time to find a cream that I really liked. I was thinking when I get some spare buttons (pennies) I might go and buy a few "T"'s that resemble most of the colours on my chart, that way I'll always be in season with myself. I found it incredibly hard to look for a mint green t-shirt but I do have a beautiful mint green skirt. I know; you're thinking 'what?' but seriously... and it actually looks pretty good on me. I blame my skin. :)

If you're not sure of which colour you are just simply google it or bookshop it and you'll find something somewhere that helps define what Season you are.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Monday Moans

I called this post 'Monday Moans' because that's all people do when it comes to the news. They hmm and ahh about it but aren't really sure of what else they can do.

It's like our typically British weather we are having at the moment. The whole of the weekend was beautiful and today it rained for about 10 minutes and now it's just a mild breezy Spring day. It's still nice out though.

I think todays News post is going to be all about the horrific devastation that has wiped its way across Japan. It's also going to be about Church too and what the Church has done to help.

My sister noticed in the paper over the weekend (or maybe last Friday) that there had been an after shock in Japan of 7.5 on the scale but I mentioned that it was way too big to be an aftershock; it's amazing how Japan is surviving through all of this. It makes me want to get on the next flight to Japan and help out wherever I can; but alas I can't do that so I have to sit from this safe distance and watch as a country crumbles to pieces. It is extremely heart-breaking to watch and see in the news some days. Beth was also saying that there have been over 1000 after-shocks since the first initial Earthquake and Tsunami. I pray that they will get through this.

The Church:

The Church has reportedly said it would do anything it can to help the authorities in Japan gain back control and food supply to those who need it. 95% of Latter-Day Saints have been accounted for and all Missionaries in the Sendai and Northern Japanese area have been moved to safer places. President and Prophet of the Latter-Day Saint Church, Thomas S Monson has noted the distribution of 70 tonnes of supplies to the most ravaged parts of Japan where suffering is the greatest and continues to supply until need is no longer necessary.