Sunday, 10 April 2011

Surrealism Sunday

Hasn't the weather been perfect this weekend? I kind of regret not going out and about on Saturday day time and doing something.

Salvador Dali, bit of a weird one if you ask me but I really enjoy the surrealism of his work. No matter how many times I look at the same picture I always see something different or focus on something that changes the whole dynamics of the artwork.

I'll just give you a blurb of Wiki-wik info on Salvador Dali.

Dali had a very long spanish name which was shortened to Salvador Dali, he was born May 11th 1904 and died actually the same day I was born which is quite interesting; 23rd January 1989; so he was really old when he died, but don't tell my Grandparents that as they are at a similar age now.

Salvador Dali worked on a lot of the avant-garde and surreal films of the 1920's when film had realised its potential as works of art; most famously 'Un Chien Andalou' which I have watched... extremely weird and surreal. I was taught about avant-garde film at University and we were told to watch the films without having a point or plot in mind because there wasn't one. The films were made purely for art purposes... It didn't stop some of us from watching it and thinking at the same time 'WHAT ON EARTH?'. If you've ever watched avant-garde film you'd know exactly what I mean.

He's probably very well known for his cubism work and his 'melting clocks' as I can only describe them as such.

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