Friday, 15 April 2011

Fellow Friday

I haven't read the news today. I've been quite busy and do usually pick up the Metro to see what's been going on in the world but today there wasn't one on the bus this morning. So, whose been nicking all the Metro's?

In college; a good few years back now, for a homework assignment, we were asked to buy 'The Guardian' newspaper by our media teacher. Looking back on it I think they were trying to give us some sort of biased view of theirs by asking us to buy this paper although from some of the other choices of newspaper to read I do like this one the most. I got into the habit of the act but then quickly after leaving college I forgot to buy it again. Monday was the best day to buy it because there was the Media section in it. I digress.

One magazine that has taken a spot on our bathroom floor is the National Geographic. I didn't realise this before but I actually really like this magazine and the amazing photography it holds. There was an article in there and a full-page pull out sheet that showed lots of graphs and statistics regarding the 7 billion people who occupy this world. The average person on the earth by the way is male, 28 and Han Chinese.

Take a look:

Weird thing about it is I am sure only 10 years or so back there were 6 billion people on the earth, so that means there has been an extra 1,000,000,000 people born (we're counting roughly here people) and yet the world still spins on its little axis and still goes the same way around the sun and life still just carries on tick-tocking away... interesting right?

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