Thursday, 28 April 2011

T-shirt Thursday

Hey all,

Bethany told me I should title my post today 'Tuna Pasta Bake Thursday' but I'm not going to, mainly because it sounds weird. Today was really good. I accidentally stayed up until 5 o'clock in the morning my eyes fixated on a book Bethany told me I had to bring with me over this holiday called 'The Kommandants Girl' set in Nazi Germany. I was completely hooked. I was on Chapter 20 when I decided I should probably sleep. Don't you just love it when you get so involved in a book you can't bare to turn your attention away; there's something so great about leaving the real world behind having transfixed yourself into your own imagination.

So, because I didn't go to sleep until very early in the morning I didn't get up until 12ish. I actually woke thinking 'I don't want to open my eyes incase it's earlier than I think it is in the morning and it means I have to go MAKE myself go back to sleep' but I gazed over to Bethany lying on the blow-up bed and I poked her in the arm; she was awake. She said it was 12ish so we all got up and decided to get ready for the beach.

We wandered out of the house in skirts and shorts prepared for a sand filled afternoon instead we were met with a bitter wind and a cloudy day, okay so not an extremely cloudy day because the sun was out but clouds made the sun disappear which made it cold again... nooo.

But Bethany was extremely determined to get out onto the beach. We bought a make shift racket and a frisbee (in hindsight probably not a good idea since it was really windy) and powered on down to the beach. Once we got there... it was still cold. But we had loads of fun. We spelt our names out in the sand; played bat and ball; Emily and Bethany ventured down to the sea, I'll admit I was too cold to dip into sea, then we went for some chips on the sea front and played airhockey which Bethany won.

Hmm, I actually digressed quite a lot from what I was actually going to say. But what I was going to talk about is the infamous t-shirt. In fact more infamous than just the t-shirt is the white t-shirt! Everyone should have one. In fact I bought one from Primark the other day for get this... £2, they have long sleeved ones and short sleeved ones and vest top ones and strap ones hmm, they probably have strapless ones too but I didn't look. In actual fact I have about 3 white vest tops and now 1 white t-shirt. I mean it goes with everything I wear.

I think it's just because of the holidays that I seem to be watching so many films but this evening we've just finished watching another romcom 'How Do You Know' with Reese Witherspoon and Paul Rudd; he's actually quite good looking for his age, and is it just me or do his eyes just GLISTEN in every film that he is in. Strange right? It's one of those 'nice-guy-actually-comes-first' romcom's which is really cute; even if his competition is Owen Wilson, but you can't win them all.

To finish off the evening we are having a meal; 'super' late and then we are watching 'Laws of Attraction' a film Bethany decided we have to watch. Enjoy our second bank holiday and the beautiful Royal Wedding tomorrow.


  1. This is not being very co-operative at the moment, but what i tried to say was this - if you're a spring then you should wear cream and not white :)xx

  2. I know I know. Cream it's supposed to be but until I change my wardrobe I don't have any clothes at all that would go with a cream T, oh haha cream tea. Just kiddin