Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Weary Wednesday

I am sooo tired!

Books, I'm still churning away at my Mitch Albom book. My mum is reading a book called 'A Thousand Gifts' where a woman challenges herself over a year to write down 1000 things she is thankful for. So when I start my new journal tomorrow I'm going to have a space at the back for 'I am thankful for:'. I need to buy a new journal so a make shift one will have to do for now.

I was also thinking that once I've written a year in my journal which comes up September 17th I am going to type it all up. See how long it is. I think in the beginning when I was first writing in my journal I would miss a few days here and there or one time I actually got really ill and spent most of my time in bed. I'm actually quite surprised that my brain can muster THESE sentances together. I was nearly falling asleep on the phone a minute ago; but I digress.

More recently if I have missed a day in my journal I go back and write from the day I missed, and each day has four sides of paper so if I miss a day; I write lots. But I try not to miss days out since most of the time my days consist of getting up, going to work, coming home, going to bed I very rarely remember anything if I miss a day because I do the same thing every day :) So if I don't write it down and come to a missed day I need to catch up on I can barely remember what I've done since all my days merge into one big jumble.

Anyway, I'm out of steam and I still need to read my scriptures and WRITE IN MY JOURNAL!

Good night my lovelies

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