Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Tri-Coloured Tuesday!

Good evening!

So, as you know from my previous post, fashion isn't high on my list of important things in life. Recently my mum has told me that I am 'Spring'. That my colouring is 'Spring', so I looked it up online and found:

These are my 'Spring' colours, so although the things I wear may not be fashionable or 'in season' they at least go right with the colour of my skin; or something like that. Well, I'll get there in the end. :)

Then, I was told to buy a few key items of clothing in a 'Spring' colour and base my wardrobe around those. Presumably, a suit; a dress; a skirt; a top... etc you know the bare minimum.

But, what I found was this beautiful dress-top (could be worn as a dress for those daring enough to wear just leggings) underlined with a white v-neck detailed shirt. I can also pair the dress-top with any cream, green or mustard yellow Tee; and my wardrobe grows.

The dress-top is perfect for my 'Spring' colour combination because it contains pretty much three of the most prominant colours on the 'Spring' colour chart; green, golden yellow/cream and brown; pair this with my golden- brown hair and I have a 'Spring' colour code perfect for SPRING! I'm sure there is a warm/cold chart aswell for different times of the year, but let's not over-complicate things! I know, it makes me sound like I know what I'm talking about. I might keep an eye on this 'Colour code' malarky. :)

Dress: Dorothy Perkins; White Shirt: Marks & Spencer (Indigo Collection); Cardigan: Primark; Jeans: Dorothy Perkins

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