Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Scarf Co-ordination

Hay Fever Everyone!

I seem to have been caught up in it all this early summer's year. I've never had it before. I don't think it's as bad as some of my friends hayfever but I feel sympathy for you, all I've done is sneeze all day. I'm just praying I don't get any of the other bad-luck symptoms!

I know I've been blabbering on about 'Spring' colours and what they are and how I am suited to them. But I haven't said why they suit me the most according to the book 'Colour Me Confident' I have a 'light colour palette' ranging from 'soft white' to 'rose brown', which sound like sweet colours to me.

The reasons for this according to the book are that my look is:

Light and Delicate
The undertone of my skin is either warm or cool (back to this later, but my tone is cool, hence why I can wear mint green and it looks okay).
The depth of my colouring is light, anybody who knows me, knows my skin is pale

It says in the book I should invest four substitutes for black that can be worn all year round. These are:

Stone, Taupe, Cocoa & Pewter

I have to admit I'm not so keen on the pewter but I can imagine it'd look okay in Winter.

I was told to buy an accessory that has as many of my colours in it as possible; obviously that means as many as actually looks good. The best accessory was the scarf that in different forms can be worn all year round and can give that dress the finishing touch it needs.

The best place to look for an accessory in my eyes, is Accessorize.

I tried to pick ones that would go with the key pieces in my wardrobe which I will take a picture of once they're dry. :) I also tried to pick completely different colours yet all in my 'Spring' palette.

I'm going to downsize my rubbish wardrobe so I can slowly upsize my proper wardrobe...

...It's not like my mum has been telling me for years to do it, but better late than never.

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