Monday, 11 April 2011

Monday Moans

I called this post 'Monday Moans' because that's all people do when it comes to the news. They hmm and ahh about it but aren't really sure of what else they can do.

It's like our typically British weather we are having at the moment. The whole of the weekend was beautiful and today it rained for about 10 minutes and now it's just a mild breezy Spring day. It's still nice out though.

I think todays News post is going to be all about the horrific devastation that has wiped its way across Japan. It's also going to be about Church too and what the Church has done to help.

My sister noticed in the paper over the weekend (or maybe last Friday) that there had been an after shock in Japan of 7.5 on the scale but I mentioned that it was way too big to be an aftershock; it's amazing how Japan is surviving through all of this. It makes me want to get on the next flight to Japan and help out wherever I can; but alas I can't do that so I have to sit from this safe distance and watch as a country crumbles to pieces. It is extremely heart-breaking to watch and see in the news some days. Beth was also saying that there have been over 1000 after-shocks since the first initial Earthquake and Tsunami. I pray that they will get through this.

The Church:

The Church has reportedly said it would do anything it can to help the authorities in Japan gain back control and food supply to those who need it. 95% of Latter-Day Saints have been accounted for and all Missionaries in the Sendai and Northern Japanese area have been moved to safer places. President and Prophet of the Latter-Day Saint Church, Thomas S Monson has noted the distribution of 70 tonnes of supplies to the most ravaged parts of Japan where suffering is the greatest and continues to supply until need is no longer necessary.

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