Friday, 22 April 2011

Good Friday!

Hi all,

Quite a late evening post today but that's okay.

I am loving the weather we are having right now! Aren't you!?

I won't jinx it with the 'R' word or anything. This is supposed to be a self-help post but all I can think about is the beautiful weather, so how about I write how I keep cool in these warm sunny days!

Well, I wear skirts. I've been wearing jeans recently because all my skirts have been in the wash but that's such a bad idea. And contrary to what people may think longer skirts are better. Why? Because they, to be frank, let more air swish around your legs. Some people wear shorter skirts but the maxi ones are the best. I bought one from Dorothy Perkins a couple of months back and I practically live in it.

Put a bottle of water in your freezer the night before you go to bed, wake up in the morning and yay! You have an icecube drink, but no fear in this summer heat by the time you've taken it out of the freezer and left it on the side for a few minutes it will have melted a little.

Icecubes!! Yes you can buy ice-lollies and ice-cream but much cheaper way is making your own ice-lollies by putting some squash in an ice-lolly mould or putting some water in an ice-cube mould and there you have it. Do you like the one Bethany and I saw in Paperchase?

Leave your windows and doors open. Obviously not if you're about to go out anywhere but whilst your in the house let the air whoosh through then at night time leave your window open a crack. I'm quite safe because I just have a sky-light window. I think it's about time we got some air-conditioning!

So, skirts, water, ice-cubes, windows... that's all the fun stuff. Now onto the boring stuff... SUN SCREEN!! Make sure you put it on. I'm rubbish with the sun I have to wear spf40 or something ridiculous. It's not been so bad this year as I've been in the office most of the day and when I get out in the afternoon the weather has calmed down.

Well! Enjoy the sunshine and have a Happy Easter everyone!

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