Friday, 8 April 2011

Fun Friday!

Hasn't the weather been amazing today!?

I loved it. I was in the office for most of it and managed to catch the late afternoon sun which I must admit was pretty hot anyway.

A spiritual post this evening. Can I just say that whoever didn't watch General Conference last weekend should have! It was very spiritual and inspiring. Sometimes I find myself wondering what my next step will be in life and lo and behold the Spirit will fill me with a feeling when I watch General Conference.

I also had my Patriarchal Blessing a couple of weeks ago. Some people won't even have a clue of what that is. It's not so much a secret as it is sacred and it is extremely hard to explain without people looking at me funny. But it was an amazing experience and I truly felt something overwhelm me that evening.

At General Conference we were told there are 14 million something members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints... 14 million. That is a lot, but it just goes to show that as the numbers keep going up and as more people return to the gospel after so many years (like me) that something is going on; somewhere.

This Sunday I am teaching the Primary lesson of 'I am Thankful for Birds and Insects'; I personally am not very thankful for spiders but I am sure some people are because they get rid of flies. I think lady birds are beautiful and I love butterflies.

I'm teaching the children about a very infamous testimony of our Heavenly Father in regards to birds and insects I shall briefly comment:

When the pioneers settled in Salt Lake and grew crops for their malnourished families a large swarm of crickets came from nowhere and ravished the corn and wheat that was being prepared for the families.

The pioneers were devastated and thought that all their crops would be eaten and the families would once again go unfed. With food on extremely low supply the pioneers through their faith in the Lord knelt down and prayed that the locusts and crickets would leave their crop and that there would be enough for their families to live on. All of a sudden there came a great swarm of seagulls who ate all the crickets leaving the corn and wheat untouched. Through their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and Our Heavenly Father the pioneers were saved.

There are so many little details to nature that we sometimes overlook or don't appreciate the true nature of; since we have such beautiful weather at the moment I know I'll be on the look out for more lady-birds and butterflies!

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