Monday, 25 April 2011

More-ish Monday's

My keyboard seems to have given up on me this evening. My letter's keep sticking!

I hope you've all had a great Easter break, it's just a shame we're back to reality tomorrow... still I'm sure the weather will help keep us in good spirits. Plus, I can't really complain, I'm back at work for 1 day then I'm off to Sunderland with the sisters.

I'm sat watching Lord Of The Rings: Return of the King, since over this last weekend I've managed to watch the other two. So, again, I'm slighty distracted. I watched another random film today too; Premonition. Sandra Bullock stars with the guy from Charmed who is a demon and he is also in Nip/Tuck but his name escapes me. It's quite a strange film actually with all the scenes being in a non-chronological order; they show you in the 'Extra Features' what order the film was filmed in and then separates it to make her seem insane. It actually works quite well.

I also watched 'The Lovely Bones' yesterday too. It was a book made into a film which reminds me of a novel by R.J. Ellory called 'A Quiet Belief in Angels'. A young girl is killed and is kept in limbo until she can do what it is she is stuck in limbo for. All throughout the film it pushes the belief that she is still there because she must see her killer caught, but in actual fact she stays because of something else. It is a really beautiful film because her family never stop looking for her killer; never stop looking at the one person who the police have stopped looking at.

I was going to write my post on artwork today but films seem to have taken over. I could write about the artistic way they filmed Premonition; how they filmed it all in narrative order but then swopped it all round... But I shaln't bore you all.

Other types of artistic film were of course film noir in the 1920's and the silent films of years before that but my brain is too asleep at the moment to think of it all.

Enjoy the rest of the bank holiday weekend everyone!


  1. i will try to enjoy it! its all the better for reading a little of your minds thoughts. love and miss you.. your pink haired sister xxx

  2. Miss you too Missus! xx I hope you and Bump are doing well, nearly there now! haha xx

  3. I'm gglad you realised that it wasnt just me trying to break the laptop, it really had got rather stuck :). Love the post. Everybody talking about what books they have read but the film thing is cool. xx