Monday, 30 May 2011

Bank's Don't Holiday as we Still Spend

I like Bank Holidays, they do seem to make the weekend go quicker though, when in actual fact it's obviously longer. I get paid tomorrow and I already have a list of 50 things that I know I can't buy. Since I know what my wage will be, pretty much down to the last penny I can work out exactly where it is all going and what needs to be paid first.

But before I do all that, I need to go back to my old bank and tell them to take a long walk off a short pier. I shaln't go into grimey details of how and why I hate them because those who I've already moaned at will know why. Needless to say, I need to get it sorted. So, that's on my list.

At the beginning in there is my tithing, rent, phone bill, driving lessons, bus pass for another month or so I think, maybe couple more months, but I'll keep you updated on when I pass my test and if I get a car, oh and that's not to mention my I.S.A. savings direct debit and my insurance, oh the list goes on. Exciting. Then I owe my sister birthday money, from March. Late I know. I want to get my phone fixed which will cost £30 and then I want to buy a pair of shoes. I also want to go up and see my Boyfriend this Wednesday until Sunday, which will be interesting and luckily the lovely Boyfriend 'I think' will be bringing me back.

I read somewhere that at least half the percentage of those who work; if not more (I can't remember exact figures), spend all their wage within two weeks of receiving it, and I think if you look at my outgoings for this next month, I can kinda see where 'they' (the prospective professionals) are coming from.

So, how can I stop this? How can I, you, stop spending all our wage in the first two weeks of the month? I have a slight idea but I'm not sure if it'll work or not. Getting all the bills and important things paid off then when the coast is clear of anything that might worry you, split the rest of the money into the weeks that you have left in the month, say you have a £100 left, split it between 4 weeks and that is £25 a week to spend on whatever you like. That way when you get to the end of the month and you fancy a nice treat out or some lunch from Tesco because you've been lazy and not brought any from home to work with you, then you can go and buy some, without feeling the pinch on your pocket. I really should try doing this budgeting malarky.

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Yesterday's Fun = Today's Dilemma

Yesterday was just a normal Saturday like any other besides the fact that I woke up feeling absolutely rubbish! I didn't want to move and I had a million things that I needed to do; like clean my bedroom.

I txted my mum (I know, I'm lazy) and asked her where she was going because I could hear someone leave the house, but mum hobbled up the stairs; she has patella tendonitis, and said "I'm going into town later". I figured I could do with the fresh air so asked if I could go along. I mean there's nothing like a bit of sunshine *cough* rain *cough* to waken someone's spirits; plus she offered to buy me brunch, how could I refuse?

So, as I dragged myself out of bed and saw myself in the mirror, I grabbed the nearest clothing to me and shoved it on. I wasn't in the mood for anything besides a spot of brunch. I trudged downstairs and mum handed me some pennies; 'spend money' I think she called it. I wasn't complaining although I wasn't quite sure of what I was going to spend it on.

We wandered out of the house, shuffled onto the bus and meandered through the various charity shops mum wanted to go into. I don't what the problem is that I have with charity shops. I mean I used to work in one, I fully and totally support them but whenever I get enough money to go shopping I just never seem to find myself in one. Mum was determined to find a jumper/summer cardigan; on the other hand I still had no idea what I wanted.

First shop we went to I picked out a skirt and top, tried them on, they fit perfectly... Win! So I got them. Then we went into another Charity shop, British Heart Foundation I think, I picked up 3/4 stuff, including a skirt and top, which look really pretty on. I've been looking for a denim skirt for ages and it looks so nice so I bought it and the top to go with it. So at this point the ratio of my shopping to mums was pretty much 4:0. I think she may have been getting a bit restless, because that's when we stopped for brunch; my arm's already dangling bags.

*my firefox just went off and this is as much of the post blogspot saved so forgive the disjointed flow of the post whilst I get my bearings back*

Eventually, mum got what she wanted from the shops and we went home. Which, brings me back to my dilemma of today. I was cleaning out my room, as you do, and I found a bag of give-away stuff that was in my room full of baby essentials that must have been going to someone somewhere and some point in the past before we forgot about it. Also in the bag was a smaller bag full of my mum's old clothes, I thought "Well I've filled out a bit why not try them on", so I did, why not. I mean they'd probably been sat there collecting dust since I moved home over 6 months ago now. Shocking, that it's been that long.

I found 3 skirts and a few tops and some jeans, so I aquired a total of 5 skirts in 2 days! I definitely don't need any more skirts now, but this brings me to another dilemma of my day, I mean what am I going to do with all these skirts? I need to buy a pair of shoes for all skirts. I am thinking of buying a pair this month and next month, I'm going with a cream pair and a brown pair I think, or navy blue since most of the things I wear are blue; like jeans and uhm jeans.

It's a good job I go to church in Sunday best otherwise I don't think I'd be able to wear them all. They are all different too, which is good but bad when it comes to finding things to match them. Plus, there is always summer coming which will be nice.

I'm still coughing well, apparently they say coughing is the body's way of getting rid of the germs. Oh and sorry for the quality of the pictures they were taken on my iPhone in the evening in front of a mirror. Useless + Useless = Useless (shame that's not a double negative).

Have a nice Bank Holiday Monday everyone. I get to see Adam! Woo!

I still have another 4/5 skirts, not including the two that are currently drying over my staircase banister!

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Forgotten Friday's!

Sorry peeps. I have slight OCD so I need to write a post for yesterday. I completely forgot. Or rather I didn't forget, but every time I came to writing something I got side-tracked by one of two things.

1. The Sims 2.

(We've re-kindled our love for one another)

2. My Boyfriend.

(We've well not really re-kindled anything but you gotta keep the flame going! Haha, in a nice way)

So yeah, mind was blank yesterday. I am still unwell and I was SO glad it was Friday yesterday, I really needed this long weekend to re-cooperate and hopefully regain some brain cells. I've just noticed that this post is all about re-something. I'm having to RE-trace my steps from yesterday to write this blog and REmember what I did yesterday. I've RE-kindled my love for The Sims 2 (that is until I can afford Sims3). I need some serious RE-cooperation so yeah I REally REally needed this weekend.
I'm also going to have to RE-post today to talk about what I did with mummy poo this morning/afternoon. I think I could go on doing this all day. I might be a saddo and start a new blog with some Sims2 stuff on it. I'm not really one for story telling though, so I don't know how that could work.

Yesterday I got home and crashed on my bed pretty much, for a couple of hours. I then went Sims2 game content shopping. It's amazing. You go onto or or . whatever it is and you look for stuff you want in your sims house and you 'download' them. It's like free furniture and wallpaper shopping. Shame you can't do things like that these days.

Oh and I'm going to put a couple more blogs, on the list of blogs I like to read on the right hand side of my page. You should go check them out. One is by a friend from uni, Hannah writes her blog about make-up and well randoms like we all do sometimes, but she is absolutely beautiful for 1. and 2. her make-up tips are actually really useful. I like that Hannah tries to branch out sometimes with her make up and then gives a review of what she likes about it.

Rachel's blog is just hilarious. I love how honest it is. Rachel's blog is mainly about baking; whenever she sets up a lovely new treat for herself and her husband she blogs about it, then at the end gives a quick overview of what it tastes like; how hard it was to make; how many casualties occured in the process of making it and most importantly, how much washing up there is to do once you've got the finished product!

Check them out. And I'll be posting again later this evening once I've finished with my day!

Friday, 27 May 2011

Much Todo About Nothing

Brain is mega tired. I nearly forgot to post today. And now my computer will think I've posted twice on a Friday! Oh noo!

Just a little post to say I haven't disappeared I'm not going to disappear I just don't feel very well at the moment, some sort of chesty cough thing. But I'll get over it, no time for 'woe is me' in this world.

I need to borrow someone, or rather borrow someone's car so I can get my own insurance and drive in their car, my driving lessons aren't going too bad, but I want to pass soon and I only get an hour a week and that's at 5-6. But at least I know how to use clutch control now, since the traffic is so bad sometimes. I can drive straight and around corners and on pretty much really flat roads, and I'm handling roundabouts better these days too, I just get stuck sometimes with the clutch on a hill. It doesn't help that the car I am learning in is an absolute beast, like I think it is huge!

I had a lesson today, and we tried to do a reverse around a corner, haha, what a nightmare. I didn't use my back side window enough to see the curb, but I couldn't even see the curb in that mirror anyway, and then of course you have to be looking all around to check no other cars are coming from any direction, whilst also looking in the back window to make sure you're going in a straight line, whilst obviously keeping your hands firmly on the wheel to make sure you are actually DRIVING in a straight line, and then there's the clutch and the gas to worry about. Not much. Just a couple of things here and there. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever pass my test. I mean I know I will I just need more practice.
My dad took 2 times I think, my boyfriend did it in 1, a couple of people I know have taken about 6 tests before they've past and one I think took about 12, but it's something I think I'll encourage all my children to do definitely.

I know some people will kill me for saying this but I am just talking personally here, to say women are good multi-taskers is a bit of an over-statement when it comes to me driving haha. But I'll get there in the end.

Nearly the weekend!! I can't wait to enjoy the Bank Holiday Monday!

Thursday, 26 May 2011

When The World Turns it's Tides

And the sun dries your tears,
As the moon calls your fears,
And your soul tires and hides.

You put on smiles and breath,
Gladly turning to see
That you're right there with me,
Clinging me not to leave.

I'll hold to you so close
Singing soft sweet cries
No sad longing goodbyes
As the world shining knows,

Where love, life, and laughter goes,
Twinkling eyes upon those starry skys
Sweeping silently upon the dead eyes
Of those lost in sweet lullabys.

Dancing in their dreaming minds,
Forgetting the world and it's sighs,
Until disturbed they slumber,
Awake from their dreams,
In such asunder!

"Wo cry until the world,
Where has all my innocence gone"
"Lost" sighed the light,
As the moon dragged through the night.

The children's dreams are all swayed,
As the world sighs in dismay,
"Tis a sorry sight to see,
That children cannot be free"

Turmoil is there waiting,
For the young ones to be old,
Not needing to be told,
How innocence is lost.

When the world turns it's tides
The children have no cries
Grown up and innocence forgotten
Life is already begotten.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

All a Woman Needs is a Good Pair of Shoes

Or 50. Pairs of shoes I mean.

I don't actually have any really nice pairs of shoes. But this month my brain is determined to have some shiney new ones that have heels; will make me tower over my boyfriend, and probably cause some great discomfort in the long- run. BUT I WANT THEM!!

Due to lack of funds I can only get one pair and that is sacrificing my new summer jacket; my reasoning for this is that I have a perfectly wearable black summer jacket it's just not my colour... so I can bear wearing the wrong colour coat for another month! I very rarely wear high heeled shoes, probably because I think I can't walk in them but in actual fact I can.

I was just told how to walk in them wrong. So now I want a pair of shoes. I am going for wedges because the general consensus is that they are easier to walk in... although I've no idea how anybody could drive in them. Practice I suppose. Unless my manager slips on a pair of trainers for her drive home.

I don't want to buy a pair of black shoes, because nothing I am suppose to wear is black so I was thinking more navy or brown. I also tend not to wear high shoes for church because I'll only end up taking them off as I race after a child down a corridor... But heels will make me feel all grown-up or something, bearing in mind I am like 22.

I want to find a pair of shoes that will go with at least 3/4 outfits that I have. I want them to be able to go with Sunday dress and with something I could wear for work, which means buying either longer jeans or suit trousers. All my suit tops are at my dads... like half my wardrobe is at my dads! Atrocious! I need it noow!! There is a gorgeous cardigan that I left down there which would go with half my wardrobe, but it's useless down there, gathering dust too I presume. I haven't been there since before Christmas!

Anyway, shoes... yes I want some. I must admit NewLook seems to be top of a lot of peoples lists for shoes, so I'll start there.

P.S. Most pics are from NewLook and Dorothy Perkins. I love the blue ones at the top.

Monday, 23 May 2011

Have I...

Done anything exciting today? Not really
Explored new places? Haha nope.

So, what have I done today? Well, the organisation I work for got some pretty exciting news! I am so happy about it too. I can't tell you what it is yet though, not until we've crossed all the t's and dotted all the i's. But, it's pretty immense. I can't really think of anything to relate it to, but I was nearly dancing around the office when I found out.

My W.i.P really needs some time spending on it... I kinda, didn't forget about it. I just didn't get on with it. I might do that tomorrow evening. I rubbed out all the extra square lines and went around all the pencil lines I've drawn. I just can't decided on colours for the hair... and if I am painting it I want to get it exactly right. But, there is one thing I definitely know for sure... I need to get something done with it soon before I stand on it, rip it, crumple it, and do who knows what else with it. I have been a tad bit busy. But art is a really good passion for me, so I should stick at it.

What should I do with this picture? Should I put it in a frame? Should I make a make-shift frame? I don't know... so many choices. I suppose I should paint it first!

I went stalking on 'Pinterest' yesterday and I saw this knot! It looks so pretty, so I'm thinking of trying to make one, they look so cute. I think you have to have the right type of wool/thread/string whatever you wanna call it. But I'll make one and post next week.

Actually, this past week, I have done a bit of scrapbooking in my journal! Last Thursday night we had a 'Scrapbooking' and 'Family History' evening with the other ladies from Relief Society and I made a scrap book page. I'll take a picture and post it on here tomorrow, my journal is downstairs which is very far away at this moment in time... too far away for my legs to contemplate moving.

~ insert picture here when body can remember ~

I woke this morning to my mum's baking. She'd make a quiche which we had for dinner. I really want to bake right now haha, but I think people may think I'm a bit weird if I start baking at 9:30 at night when I'm not baking for any particular reason. I'll wait until I get paid, only another week. I completely forgot that it is Bank Hol Monday next week. I'm soo looking forward to a lovely day! I've just made a hot chocolate with about 1 teaspoon of Cadburys hot chocolate and 2 teaspoons of cooking chocolate powder and 1 teaspoon of sugar... I'll let you know how it tastes.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

You Use Your Ears to Hear

The children couldn't grasp the concept or practice of this statement even when I tried to explain this to them today.

Well, except for one girl who put her hands over her ears and claimed that she could hear with her toes; and the idea that we have a drum inside our ear was hilarious to them. I got puzzled faces all round for that one.

The lesson I was trying to teach them was to be thankful for our ears. I whispered at the beginning of the lesson a few things for them to do, stand up; turn around; wave your arms in the air and sit down and then asked them how they heard what I'd told them to do. They all pointed to their ears, but after that things seemed to just go a little pear shaped. They wouldn't sit still and after I'd used counting to 5 at least 3/4 times they just didn't seem to care anymore. I eventually got them settled when they were doing the actions for the song we are learning in Primary. Then we started colouring in our favourite animals as we made the sounds they make. One child told me 'Grace, I won't eat the crayons today', oh good... thanks for letting me know.

I was going to print out some overly large ears to give to the children to stick on their heads which would have been hilarious but I still might do that next week, I'm sure the girls only play up because there is a little boy in the class.

Nothing much else happened today really. Came home had lunch talked about the gospel, the usual stuff really. Back to Monday tomorrow, I tell you the week comes quick after a lovely weekend but then the week is over again before we know it. So have a good week everyone!

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Living Life Luxuriously

I 'may' not have posted for a couple of days... Sincerest apologies. Thursday I completely forgot. I think I opened Blogspot to post and then got distracted knowing me.

Last night I was in NEWCASTLE! Contrary to what I originally thought I haven't actually been to Newcastle before. Lol I have been to Teeside University though... which is in Sunderland. I have no idea how I got either of those mixed up because they are clearly not the same place (Which my boyfriend would be pleased to know that I've realised). This brings me to the reason I went to Newcastle! To see Adam, and his brother, James, (who is his twin but they're not identical) and his brother's girlfriend, Monica, AND their 5 month old son... Who luckily didn't cry at me when I walked through the door, that is probably because he was asleep but this morning not a peep out of him :D I was well impressed!

Newcastle, is big. I actually saw the Angel of the North, and some other monument thing that Adam was explaining to me about but then we got side-tracked so he said I should look it up online, but I think I may have to ask him what it's actually called again!

We went to the Temple grounds today. It was beautiful. Adam seemed to know everybody we came across! It was peaceful and calm and we took lots of pictures. It was a really nice couple of days. Weirdest thing though was, as we were coming out of the ever-so-popular Fayre & Square pub across from the Temple after lunch, we saw a car pulled up at the side of the road and a guy had run into the pub as we were coming out... We didn't realise what for until we saw the car on fire at the engine and a guy running towards it with an extinguisher... which thinking back on it probably wasn't a very safe thing to do at all. But it made an exciting 5 minutes.

This evening, Adam and I went to Frankie & Benny's then off to the cinema to watch Pirates of the Caribbean 4 (I think). It was all brilliant. Frankie & Bennys was delicious. I had a sticky toffee pudding which I couldn't eat all of, so I gave to Adam, it was SO YUMMY though. The film was awesome. There was just the right amount of everything to make it flow really well... except for the love story between the missionary and the mermaid, that was a bit uhm, redundant. But, apart from that it was all brilliant. Great company too.

I do feel a bit sorry for Adam today though he's travelled miles bless him and his poor car. Newcastle - Sunderland - Chorley/Temple - Bradford - Newcastle. :O

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

EverLater - iPhone Journey App.

I don't know if you can get this application on the Blackberry or anything like that but I do know it's a definite yes for the iPhone. I've no idea how many people actually use it but it's a really awesome application for those of you with iPhones and those of you who like to travel a lot. You open the 'Everlater' app and it asks you whether you want to learn more about it or whether you want to 'Start a Trip'. I found this application when I was on my way to visiting my sister last month in Sunderland so I clicked 'Start a Trip'. It asks you what you want to call your trip, so ever the great imagination I chose 'Bradford - Sunderland', it asks you to add a city/country of destination and how long you will be staying at that particular place for and you press 'Create'.

Once you've done that it asks you to add an item and this is where it gets interesting. It has 8 different 'items' you can choose from, Story, Photo, Thought, Food, Lodging, Activity, Tip and Transport. Once you click on one of these items you fill in the self-explanatory information necessary to develop your trip. It can be anything from a tiny comment to a paragraph. I love that you can add photos because people can see where you have been and they can attach words to a picture; which brings me to the next great thing about Everlater.

Side Note: I've just looked on the everlater website, the app is available for iPhone, Blackberry and Android.

You can upload your journeys to their website. I thought this was going to be a little tricky but it is actually very easy. It told me on the phone that I'd have to upload my Trip from my iPhone app to the internet whilst my phone is connected to the PC. I was a bit confused at first, but you go onto the Everlater website (with a login account of course) and it explains what you need to do from there. There is a clear indicator on the phone app called 'Sync & Share' so you just press that, and it pretty much does it from there. You can obviously share your trip with friends and family. You can either put a password on the trip so only those you send the password can see it; which I think is brilliant.

I mean, the only down-side to this application is that I don't have enough amazing and interesting places to go that would let me benefit from using the Everlater app but I always keep it on my phone handy just incase I venture somewhere. So for those of you who travel around a bit, and have an iPhone, Blackberry or Android please get the Everlater app.

Maybe it'll spur me on to go on some more interesting trips.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Rules are Fashionable

Hey Kidders,

I've decided that fashion rules are there to be broken... Haha. I jokes. My hair was an absolute nightmare it was just crazy; like I'd stuck my finger in plug socket and although I've never actually done that before you see it on cartoons! My hair was uncontrollably (is that even a word?) massive. The only thing I could think of to calm the craziness was to stick a hat over it. The only hat I had was like this bright blue one! In fact I'd say it was like ice-blue, and I've aquired it from my sister, Emily; so I'm not even sure it is my colour.

In short notice I had to find something to go with new and essential accessory to my outfit. I searched and had nothing. I found a purple/blue t-shirt from M&S that I bought a couple of weeks ago, still with the tag on so I thought I'd give it the benefit of the doubt and stick it on.... Only it is seriously the wrong blue and I personally feel it's just too short, why don't they make t-shirts nice and long anymore? For the half an hour I had left at home I felt completely on show every two minutes when my t-shirt rode up to see my belt... it just wouldn't do. I rushed upstairs and put on my cute top from Matalan, only it's a tad see through, so I put the blue T on underneath, which looked ridiculous, but what can ya do?

Hence, the scarf. It hid (kinda) the blue and cream faux pas. I topped off that mess with a blue cardigan that I stole from my mum, which I think is 2 sizes too big for me... yup I just checked and it is. Cut to me leaving the house looking like a cross between a hippy and a jumble clothes sale. I am surprised my best friend didn't tell me to turn around and leave when I got to Starbucks this evening.

I've managed to calm my hair down now, I just didn't have time earlier, that, plus the fact that I couldn't be bothered to actually do anything. Note to self, wake up earlier to sort out bush on top of head... another note to self, buy a new hat and make sure it's in my colours...

...Last note to self, never ever ever wear too many shades of blue at once, you'll give people a heart attack.

Monday, 16 May 2011

W.i.P Work in Progress

Well, I wrote a post not too long ago about how I was going to use one of my cute children's pics that I use in my posts and draw it out onto paper, but I can't actually find which post I wrote it in now; nevermind. Well I decided on which two I was going to do.

This one.

And this one.
I've already started doing the first one. Don't worry I'm not going to sell them as my own or anything I just think they are really cute and I can't admire them properly on the interwebs so that's why I am drawing them out. Drawing them out means copying from one small size to a larger size. I actually cleverly traced them from my laptop, so printing wasn't necessary then when I did that I went over the outline again with a thick B pencil.

Then this was the fun bit, I turned the tracing drawing over and scribbled on the back, usually you don't even need to do this; all you need is a ruler or something really heavy to press down on the paper and what it does is reverse the image onto the piece of paper underneath; and because you've pressed down hard enough with the B Pencil it comes out perfectly. I went over the pencil lines with pen to make sure I got it completely right and divided the picture up into squares... you have to be really precise and good with a ruler for this type of thing. I'm not the best but it works. I did my picture 18cm by 20cm... or rather 9 2x2cm squares by 10 2x2cm squares.

As you can see, it reverses the image. I then decided I wanted to make the image 2 times bigger than it was so I made a square 36x40cm and divided them into 4x4cm squares, which gave me 9 4x4cm squares by 10 4x4cm squares... Do you see where this is going? I drew whatever was in each box into the corresponding box on the bigger picture and voila!

I'm thinking of making their hair like pastel colours like baby pink/baby blue/lilac and all the other things in the drawing bright colours like vibrant red and green etc. I haven't decided yet and I don't want to start painting it until I do. Sorry it is so blurred I was trying to get a picture without getting my shadow from the light. The next step is for me to rub out all the squares on the bigger sheet of paper (two A3 sheets together) and reinforce the drawing with more pencil lines.

I'll keep you updated until its done. This is a great way of getting small ideas onto a bigger picture! This of course is not my own idea though. I just love the cute pictures!

P.S. Sorry about the quality of the photos, my only reason would be because I haven't defined the lines on the bigger picture enough yet so you can't really see it, but it's a W.i.P.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Jazz Hands!!

Today, my lesson was about being thankful for our hands!

I had a brilliant day. The children were all well behaved. I've settled into my role in Primary a bit more. I'm finally more relaxed and can do the action songs without feeling like a complete dope... now I think "Why was I so bothered? Nobody else was" So I dance along to 'Do As I Am Doing' and 'If You're Happy And You Know It'. I've always loved Primary and I just love it even more now!!

My lesson was about what we can do with our hands. I pretty much followed the lesson plan with a slight divert when they got too giddy. My brain seems to be thinking on it's feet this week and I managed not to make anyone cry and I didn't want to kill anyone at the end of the lesson... This is progress people!!

I told them to rummage around in the bag I took to church, I was going to take some finickity items with me, you know... toothbrush, teddy, keys, bobble etc and get them to feel around in my bag, but due to yesterdays super uber clean out I didn't have the clothes to hand that I thought I had, so I had to change my dress plan for today, which meant I got ready late, which meant I didn't have the items I wanted for my bag. So, anyway, instead of the interesting items I just had my bag of stuff. I got them to feel around and without looking tell me what they could feel. They said various stuff and then I explained that they felt with their hands.

I asked what they used their hands for to get ready for church and what they use their hands for whilst at church. We did the 'Two Little Hands' song. Then they got a little restless which was a little annoying, but argh! Quick thinking I took the 'Good' and 'Bad' signs off the side of the wall and put them on the opposite side of the room to one another. I explained that Heavenly Father and Jesus gave us hands so we could do good things with them and help others, I also told them that we mustn't do bad things with our hands like hitting, punching or hurting others. I got them to stand up and I told them something we do with our hands and they had to run to which ever one they thought it was... either a 'Good' thing or a 'Bad' thing. They had fun doing that one.

Then we learnt some sign language. I explained to them that some people cannot hear so they cannot communicate by their voice. I asked the girls to put their hands over their ears so they couldn't hear and I waved to them. I told them to take their hands off their ears and I asked them what I did, they said "You said bye/hello" I told them this was called 'Sign Language', I asked them if they wanted to learn some and they said yes. So I taught them 'I love you' and 'Mummy/Mother', 'Daddy/Father' which we had fun doing. I had some cut outs of my hand in different colours, I helped them write their names on them; we coloured in the rest and then we stuck them on the tree I drew. I wrote underneath 'I am Thankful for My Hands'. It was such a cute lesson.

I've had an amazingly awesome evening. Just winding down a bit now, and getting myself ready for tomorrow at work. I decided to draw out one of the pictures I use on my posts because it's just so cute. Once I've drawn it I'll paint it I think, or pencil colour it in because the paper is quite thin... hmm