Saturday, 23 April 2011

Stuffed-Up Saturday!


You guys, I am SO FULL!

My mum wanted to eat her chocolate easter egg today so well, if she had permission so did we. And I've eaten one, well not yet one; but I'm getting there.

Then of course there is the beautiful Sunday/Saturday Roast dinner complete with stuffing and yorkshire puddings. YUM! But urgh. Full.

Today has been washing day. I tend to pile up my washing then do it all when I literally have to walk around in my PJ's to get it all done. Then I kinda get back on my clean-horse and do the washing every week, for about 2 weeks... then it piles up again. Anyone got any tips as to how I can keep on top of my washing?

Today was going to be a travel post but I haven't actually been anywhere. I have said before, I think very briefly in my first post, that I want to travel around West Yorkshire on my bus pass covering A-Z. I have thought of A- Addingham, Adel. But I can't think of anywhere beginning with J, X or Z.

I am going a bit further afield next week; on Tuesday evening Bethany, Emily and I head to Sunderland. I've never actually been there before. I was looking at Newcastle for a University years ago but I ended up going south. Anyhoo, I think I can add Sunderland to my list of places visited after the end of this week.

I am thinking of making a list of new places I visit throughout the year so when I look back in a years time tada! I'll have a nice long list.

Enjoy the sunshine tomorrow, but I think I smell rain!

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