Thursday, 21 April 2011

Yay! It's Thursday!

Hey everyone,

I couldn't post yesterday. I rushed from work to the park for a 'nicpic' then back home and out again for a Primary meal. I was a late stop out and didn't get back until after 10ish, but... the internet had gone off. After a few miserable attempts to turn it back on again I went to bed. It was a bit weird not posting yesterday. It's like something I do everyday. I wouldn't say it's like missing an arm or anything but it was a bit odd not rambling about my day online.

I suppose this post should be about the beautiful Royal Wedding coming up next weekend. I wasn't really getting into the patriotic side of things but these last couple of days I've secretly wanted to watch it when they show it on TV next week; if it is only to see what she is wearing... I mean it is a bit exciting isn't it. It's not like the Prince of our country gets married everyday.

And they are a beautiful couple aren't they? :)

Well, I think so. I can understand people getting a little irate about the Royal Wedding covering the first few pages of a newspaper I mean people dying in war, and getting lost in earthquakes are probably a bit more horrific, but what's wrong with a bit of good news for once. Are we so addicted to the bad news in the world that we can't appreciate the good?

The answer must quite simply be yes. I am not super patriotic, I don't fly the English flag (nor any other flag) when the World Cup is on but even so, we are the United Kingdom, let's show a bit of unity hmm?

So, last week I'd have said 'Don't watch the Royal Wedding if you don't want to' but this week I say 'Watch it, why ever not?'.

Now, to convince my sisters... They might not want to give up a day on the beach next week.

Have an amazing Bank Holiday everyone!

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