Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Turbulent Tuesday

Hey there,

Today I admit I have no colour or fashion sense what so ever in the slightest. I think once I get a bit more money I'll build my wardrobe around the colours in my previous chart. So this evening it's all about the window shopping! Or rather click and 'Check' shopping online. I very rarely buy things on e-bay or anything similar because I fear that the sizing is wrong or it won't fit, so I tend to look online at the usual high street stores and then just hope that they have it in stock at the shop I'm web browsing. The usual culprits are: New Look, Dorothy Perkins, M & S, Top Shop, Debenhams and Next; occasionally Peacocks.

I have this walk-on-wardrobe that consists of all my clothes being on the floor. I do usually tidy them away but most of the time they just sit there waiting to be picked up. I want a fancy wardrobe something that makes my room look better; instead I have a wardrobe that was made by my dad and is nearly as old as I am. It's pretty much a few pieces of good hard wood (not sure if it's MDF because it's too strong) nailed together.

Anyway, back to e-shopping. I'm going to focus on the 3rd and 4th column from the left. :) Creams, greens, oranges and browns; neutrals I am sure they're called.

So after surfing the interwebs after what seems like forever I found the following:

It was really easy to find the brighter more vibrant colours but it actually took me a long time to find a cream that I really liked. I was thinking when I get some spare buttons (pennies) I might go and buy a few "T"'s that resemble most of the colours on my chart, that way I'll always be in season with myself. I found it incredibly hard to look for a mint green t-shirt but I do have a beautiful mint green skirt. I know; you're thinking 'what?' but seriously... and it actually looks pretty good on me. I blame my skin. :)

If you're not sure of which colour you are just simply google it or bookshop it and you'll find something somewhere that helps define what Season you are.


  1. Look ive found you!! I love it. You put me to shame because my idea was to blog every day for about a 100 words or so rather then lenthy blogs that ust get borin. You should try and find the 333 project xx

  2. erm should read just and boring lol sticky keys :)