Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Wandering around Sunderland... Wednesday!

Hi all,

We woke up about 11ish... maybe give or take a couple of minutes. Not hours. The sun was shining through Emily's bedroom/living room blinds but there were a couple of clouds in the sky so we were slightly worried about the weather but by the time we'd managed to get ourselves showered and dressed the sun was shining; but deceivingly so, as the wind was extremely cold.

We shuffled into town to buy some food for the next few days and I must say, mum would be proud, and we shopped in the cheaper places. I think tomorrow we're going to window shop and then go to the beach.

I don't know if anyone will remember but last week I showed you some photos of Emily's glasswork which is incredible and today we went over to the National Glass Center where Emily works, in the workshop, blowing glass... and stuff. The Glass Center was fun enough but then we walked on this bridge over the workshop Emily blows the glass in and we saw all kinds of glass work and ceramic work. It was really interesting. Emily said hi to one of her tutors and we took a little sneak peak at some of Emily's work down in the workshop area which apparently isn't open to students or visitors alike over the Easter period, so we were lucky.

-Picture Note: The glass above us that you can see in the pic is where we were stood only a few minutes before!

Down there we saw some of the most amazing stuff. I didn't take pictures because I didn't think it would be right unless they've put it online somewhere themselves. Anyway, we saw pots, glasses, vases, jugs... I left a little note for Emily's friend Erin too so she might see it when she gets back from Easter Hols.

I stood on the top of the Glass Center, but Emily didn't tell me until we got up there that is has a glass roof, kinda obvious really but it didn't click until I was walking and I could see a hundred metres or so below me... hmm, SCARY MUCH? The harbour was beautiful and from the top of the Glass Center you can see all the way down the estuary and to the sea!

So I took some photos of that and of this and of that and this, and before we knew it, it was 5 o'clock and the sun was still shining very brightly in the sky but my poor feet had had enough. So we came home.

We had a mammoth dinner, it was huge. Between three of us we had a 12" pizza, chicken wings (supposed to be 8 but we had 12??), 8 pieces of garlic bread and some potato wedges... all for a FIVER! That's why mum's go to Iceland. (Sorry couldn't help myself).

Okay so another film we watched today, Inception, Bethany said she really didn't want to watch it because it's too psychological and it's all they ever seem to talk about in her Pysch' classes at college, but her eyes were glued the minute I turned it on.

A man called Tom (Leo DiCaprio) is employed to go into the depths of a multi-millionnaire energy tycoon's mind and plant an idea into his brain that his dad didn't want him to keep the business running when he died. Leo DiCap' has to go deep enough into this man's mind to have him believe he'd made the idea up himself when actually it's DiCaprio's idea all along. DiCaprio is employed by another energy tycoon to do this so DiCaprio can get back to his children in America. The rest I can't tell you. But you really should watch it.

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