Monday, 4 April 2011

Mixed up Monday!

To anyone who stumbles across this,

My name is Grace. I'm 22 years old and sometimes I forget and once I told someone I was still 21. What's the Bingo call for 22?

I'm trying to bring a uniqueness to my blog; and hopefully this time it'll last longer than 2 weeks.

When trying to decide what to write in a blog I thought of everything:

Fashion: If you've met me, you'll know I'm a comfort clothes wearer, whatever feels right I'll wear. I'm useless at fashion, and I have no money to spend on magazines.

Books & Literature: They take a while to read and I wouldn't post everyday with them and I want to try and make this an habitual thing. I like to write poems and short stories as and when my brain decides to wander into a world of its own but again not a daily thing.

Travel: I go places as and when I can. I am thinking of doing some sort of travel around Yorkshire on my bus pass and visiting as many places on the alphabet as I can find. I thought I'd be stuck for Q until I realised there is a Queensbury in Bradford.

Church: I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. We've just experienced the Semi-Annual Conference so I could have written a blog on my experiences at church but again I wouldn't be posting daily.

Self-Help: You know there are so many self help blogs around these days, how to get yourself out of a rut? How to make money in 10 days? How to knit? etc... The list is actually endless so why not share my fair deal of self-help info.

Art: I really love art and history and the both of them mixed together to make some sort of Michael Angelo painting. I love visiting galleries and looking at the modern art of life and the way contemporary art seems to be a red circle on a white piece of paper, but I also love the detail of the Rennaisance artists among other randoms. I am a secret fan of Charles Rennie Macintosh (I blame my GCSE art project on this love).

News & Daily Affairs: What's going on in the world today and how I feel about it.

So I guess this blog is a mix of everything. Sorry that this post is so long. I am grateful to those of you who've stuck it out and I hope to see you here tomorrow! I think I'll post one of each a week, since I've just realised I've made myself seven categories.

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