Saturday, 7 May 2011

Brain Diverted; Just Like The Roads

Sorry it took me so long to post tonight! I was coming back from a dance in Leeds and no word of a lie the satnav took us the long way round which included 2 very stupid diversions that put about 20 minutes onto our journey! I was so ready for bed on the drive home but now I'm pretty much awake; which is annoying.

I keep telling people my brain is switched off today, but if it really did switch off I'd be in a bit of trouble. Confession time!! I never took Science as a GCSE. I know, stupid right? I was encouraged to do my own thing which was nice but in a way I kinda regret not listening to teachers who told us we should take Science even when it wasn't complusory. I know bit random but I was just thinking about the body and biology and how it all just somehow works. It's quite fascinating.

Another confession, I actually quite like football. I say I don't like it because apparently it's the in thing to not like football but really as soon as a match is on which ever TV I am closest too my eyes are peeled. I can't bare to look away in case someone scores and then they miss or POST! Then there are the corner kicks which sometimes end in a goal or a stupid kick wide somewhere and then the race is back on. You get caught up in it all and suddenly you don't know where the time has gone. I blame my brother, he's brought me up with football. He is definitely a crazed fanatic. I support England but they're actually really not a good team.

I read this petty romcom book the other weekend called 'Can You Keep a Secret?'; she goes on a plane back from a business meeting and thinks she is going to die so tells all her innermost secrets to a random man on the plane; who happens to work in the same company as her, in fact he owns the company. He also happens to spread all her secrets to the entire world. We don't initially think we keep secrets but really we do. Even if they are stupid ones like this one time I drew a smiley face in shampoo in the bath; just because, and trust me there are plenty more where that one came from.

But for now, I can rest easy at night now that I've got that off my brain.

Sorry I didn't post earlier but grr time is as time does.

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