Saturday, 21 May 2011

Living Life Luxuriously

I 'may' not have posted for a couple of days... Sincerest apologies. Thursday I completely forgot. I think I opened Blogspot to post and then got distracted knowing me.

Last night I was in NEWCASTLE! Contrary to what I originally thought I haven't actually been to Newcastle before. Lol I have been to Teeside University though... which is in Sunderland. I have no idea how I got either of those mixed up because they are clearly not the same place (Which my boyfriend would be pleased to know that I've realised). This brings me to the reason I went to Newcastle! To see Adam, and his brother, James, (who is his twin but they're not identical) and his brother's girlfriend, Monica, AND their 5 month old son... Who luckily didn't cry at me when I walked through the door, that is probably because he was asleep but this morning not a peep out of him :D I was well impressed!

Newcastle, is big. I actually saw the Angel of the North, and some other monument thing that Adam was explaining to me about but then we got side-tracked so he said I should look it up online, but I think I may have to ask him what it's actually called again!

We went to the Temple grounds today. It was beautiful. Adam seemed to know everybody we came across! It was peaceful and calm and we took lots of pictures. It was a really nice couple of days. Weirdest thing though was, as we were coming out of the ever-so-popular Fayre & Square pub across from the Temple after lunch, we saw a car pulled up at the side of the road and a guy had run into the pub as we were coming out... We didn't realise what for until we saw the car on fire at the engine and a guy running towards it with an extinguisher... which thinking back on it probably wasn't a very safe thing to do at all. But it made an exciting 5 minutes.

This evening, Adam and I went to Frankie & Benny's then off to the cinema to watch Pirates of the Caribbean 4 (I think). It was all brilliant. Frankie & Bennys was delicious. I had a sticky toffee pudding which I couldn't eat all of, so I gave to Adam, it was SO YUMMY though. The film was awesome. There was just the right amount of everything to make it flow really well... except for the love story between the missionary and the mermaid, that was a bit uhm, redundant. But, apart from that it was all brilliant. Great company too.

I do feel a bit sorry for Adam today though he's travelled miles bless him and his poor car. Newcastle - Sunderland - Chorley/Temple - Bradford - Newcastle. :O

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