Monday, 2 May 2011

Mayday Monday

This Bank Hol seems to have gone past a lot quicker than the last one and I was on holiday longer, so what's that all about??

I remember in school the first and last ever time I danced around a May Pole. I was in Year 4, I must have been about 8 or something. It was supposed to be a school show with all the years at the school doing it and all I can remember about it is that we did the dance completely wrong and all the ribbons got twisted round one another instead of around the pole and it was a big mess. That's pretty much all I remember, I haven't seen anyone do it since then; not even in films.

We went into Leeds today shopping for clothes, namingly t-shirts in my colour. I bought 6. Some just normal T's, one of them was really pretty. I spent £60 and I got a scarf. One of those with all my colours in it and it goes with all the tops I already own in my colour and the ones I bought today so I must have done something right.

I really should get my hair cut but that'll just have to wait another month. My hair is getting quite long now and it just would not do anything I wanted it to do today in the end I gave up with a middle parting in my hair, which looked SO weird. But we all have bad hair days right?

I keep losing my phone, in my house somewhere, not down a toilet or in a hot chocolate cup, but still it's pretty annoying when I can't find it. I know this post is totally random today but my brain can't seem to put a post together, maybe I'm having an off week! I need my brain to work! Especially since I have actual work tomorrow.

Have a good evening everyone!

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