Monday, 16 May 2011

W.i.P Work in Progress

Well, I wrote a post not too long ago about how I was going to use one of my cute children's pics that I use in my posts and draw it out onto paper, but I can't actually find which post I wrote it in now; nevermind. Well I decided on which two I was going to do.

This one.

And this one.
I've already started doing the first one. Don't worry I'm not going to sell them as my own or anything I just think they are really cute and I can't admire them properly on the interwebs so that's why I am drawing them out. Drawing them out means copying from one small size to a larger size. I actually cleverly traced them from my laptop, so printing wasn't necessary then when I did that I went over the outline again with a thick B pencil.

Then this was the fun bit, I turned the tracing drawing over and scribbled on the back, usually you don't even need to do this; all you need is a ruler or something really heavy to press down on the paper and what it does is reverse the image onto the piece of paper underneath; and because you've pressed down hard enough with the B Pencil it comes out perfectly. I went over the pencil lines with pen to make sure I got it completely right and divided the picture up into squares... you have to be really precise and good with a ruler for this type of thing. I'm not the best but it works. I did my picture 18cm by 20cm... or rather 9 2x2cm squares by 10 2x2cm squares.

As you can see, it reverses the image. I then decided I wanted to make the image 2 times bigger than it was so I made a square 36x40cm and divided them into 4x4cm squares, which gave me 9 4x4cm squares by 10 4x4cm squares... Do you see where this is going? I drew whatever was in each box into the corresponding box on the bigger picture and voila!

I'm thinking of making their hair like pastel colours like baby pink/baby blue/lilac and all the other things in the drawing bright colours like vibrant red and green etc. I haven't decided yet and I don't want to start painting it until I do. Sorry it is so blurred I was trying to get a picture without getting my shadow from the light. The next step is for me to rub out all the squares on the bigger sheet of paper (two A3 sheets together) and reinforce the drawing with more pencil lines.

I'll keep you updated until its done. This is a great way of getting small ideas onto a bigger picture! This of course is not my own idea though. I just love the cute pictures!

P.S. Sorry about the quality of the photos, my only reason would be because I haven't defined the lines on the bigger picture enough yet so you can't really see it, but it's a W.i.P.

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