Thursday, 26 May 2011

When The World Turns it's Tides

And the sun dries your tears,
As the moon calls your fears,
And your soul tires and hides.

You put on smiles and breath,
Gladly turning to see
That you're right there with me,
Clinging me not to leave.

I'll hold to you so close
Singing soft sweet cries
No sad longing goodbyes
As the world shining knows,

Where love, life, and laughter goes,
Twinkling eyes upon those starry skys
Sweeping silently upon the dead eyes
Of those lost in sweet lullabys.

Dancing in their dreaming minds,
Forgetting the world and it's sighs,
Until disturbed they slumber,
Awake from their dreams,
In such asunder!

"Wo cry until the world,
Where has all my innocence gone"
"Lost" sighed the light,
As the moon dragged through the night.

The children's dreams are all swayed,
As the world sighs in dismay,
"Tis a sorry sight to see,
That children cannot be free"

Turmoil is there waiting,
For the young ones to be old,
Not needing to be told,
How innocence is lost.

When the world turns it's tides
The children have no cries
Grown up and innocence forgotten
Life is already begotten.

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