Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Passion for Fashion

I have worn my colours to death, surprisingly enough everything still goes. I really need to sort my clothes out though. This weekend is washing time! Which mean's I'll be walking around in my PJ's all day. I am a bit weird, I tend to wear something once then put it in my wash basket when really I can probably wear jeans twice. I have this gorgeous pair of jeans, even if I do say so myself, from Next which are okay... a little on the tight side, but they seem to go with everything I wear.

Call me weird, or just a woman on a mission to better her fashion sense, but do you find yourself thinking at night about what you're going to wear the following day? Usually I do, I have a quick glance at my available options and run them through my mind like a catalogue. Whizz.... nar... whizz... oo that colour.... whizz..... ah haa. Light bulb on (even comes with featured sounds).
Only, last night my brain was asleep before the sun was and my eyes were fixated on my laptop screen trying to decipher what it was I was actually watching, so low and behold I get up this morning, turn off my alarm which someone said sounds like an air raid siren, put my feet firmly on the floor look at my beddraggled hair in the mirror and my mind... is blank. I have no idea what to wear. I stare at the piles of t-shirts scattered in a chaotic but organised way on my floor and my jeans piled neatly on top of one another by my mirror.

I sieve through my options trying on this and that ferociously deciding what to chuck over my shoulder and what to hurriedly put on; whilst consciously being very aware of what time it actually was. I think I finally tried on everything in my wardrobe before I settled for the easy and least thought-provoking outfit I could find. Jeans and my flowered t-shirt.It was either that or going in my underwear since I really was fighting a losing battle and I was only too aware that I needed to set off for work well five minutes ago... I couldn't even be bothered looking for the cardigan to match.

I wanted to wear my pretty shoes but they were soaked from the tempremental down pour of rain that West Yorkshire seemed to be having yesterday so I settled for socks, unmatching pair and my Etnies (cheaper version of Vans) and rushed out the door for the bus. I must say for a half-thought, most-definitely rushed outfit I was well and truly comfy for the day; which makes me wonder about those who are always 'in fashion', are they really truly comfortable in what they wear? Or is it really all about the looks? Hmm... and then there are some who just have the right wardrobe.

I'm slowly getting rid of my old wardrobe :)wish me luck, by the end of this year I'll be colour co-ordinated and dare I say it 'slightly' fashionable. We'll see.

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