Monday, 9 May 2011

Things That Make Me Smile

So, just another random post. But this one is mainly pictures once I get round to it.

Things that make me smile:


The Forgotten:

Roborovski Hamsters:

Proper Romantic Genre Films:

Beauty in the Beastly:

Just a few things. There are also others which I couldn't find a picture for. Like when I get off the train and I see others greeting a loved one they haven't seen for a while and there is just such a look of longing and affection in their eyes; it's so pretty. Funny people make me smile obviously. Some of the things the children at church say the funniest things which also make me smile. I tend to look at the smaller picture whilst not forgetting the bigger picture, I look for detail in everything. I once saw a butterfly swaying up a main street in the centre of Bradford and it looked so beautiful, not a care in the world; it was so peaceful in such a busy road, it looked so out of place... and then it was gone; brushed away by a lorry.

What makes you think and smile?

The world is what you make it.


  1. I once gave a patient the phone and said there was a call for them. He took the phone a little suspiciously and said 'hello' and then his whole face lit up as he went 'oh its you!' It was his wife and they werent young ones and it was so sweet.

  2. That's well cute. I love things like that :)x