Friday, 27 May 2011

Much Todo About Nothing

Brain is mega tired. I nearly forgot to post today. And now my computer will think I've posted twice on a Friday! Oh noo!

Just a little post to say I haven't disappeared I'm not going to disappear I just don't feel very well at the moment, some sort of chesty cough thing. But I'll get over it, no time for 'woe is me' in this world.

I need to borrow someone, or rather borrow someone's car so I can get my own insurance and drive in their car, my driving lessons aren't going too bad, but I want to pass soon and I only get an hour a week and that's at 5-6. But at least I know how to use clutch control now, since the traffic is so bad sometimes. I can drive straight and around corners and on pretty much really flat roads, and I'm handling roundabouts better these days too, I just get stuck sometimes with the clutch on a hill. It doesn't help that the car I am learning in is an absolute beast, like I think it is huge!

I had a lesson today, and we tried to do a reverse around a corner, haha, what a nightmare. I didn't use my back side window enough to see the curb, but I couldn't even see the curb in that mirror anyway, and then of course you have to be looking all around to check no other cars are coming from any direction, whilst also looking in the back window to make sure you're going in a straight line, whilst obviously keeping your hands firmly on the wheel to make sure you are actually DRIVING in a straight line, and then there's the clutch and the gas to worry about. Not much. Just a couple of things here and there. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever pass my test. I mean I know I will I just need more practice.
My dad took 2 times I think, my boyfriend did it in 1, a couple of people I know have taken about 6 tests before they've past and one I think took about 12, but it's something I think I'll encourage all my children to do definitely.

I know some people will kill me for saying this but I am just talking personally here, to say women are good multi-taskers is a bit of an over-statement when it comes to me driving haha. But I'll get there in the end.

Nearly the weekend!! I can't wait to enjoy the Bank Holiday Monday!

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