Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Rules are Fashionable

Hey Kidders,

I've decided that fashion rules are there to be broken... Haha. I jokes. My hair was an absolute nightmare it was just crazy; like I'd stuck my finger in plug socket and although I've never actually done that before you see it on cartoons! My hair was uncontrollably (is that even a word?) massive. The only thing I could think of to calm the craziness was to stick a hat over it. The only hat I had was like this bright blue one! In fact I'd say it was like ice-blue, and I've aquired it from my sister, Emily; so I'm not even sure it is my colour.

In short notice I had to find something to go with new and essential accessory to my outfit. I searched and had nothing. I found a purple/blue t-shirt from M&S that I bought a couple of weeks ago, still with the tag on so I thought I'd give it the benefit of the doubt and stick it on.... Only it is seriously the wrong blue and I personally feel it's just too short, why don't they make t-shirts nice and long anymore? For the half an hour I had left at home I felt completely on show every two minutes when my t-shirt rode up to see my belt... it just wouldn't do. I rushed upstairs and put on my cute top from Matalan, only it's a tad see through, so I put the blue T on underneath, which looked ridiculous, but what can ya do?

Hence, the scarf. It hid (kinda) the blue and cream faux pas. I topped off that mess with a blue cardigan that I stole from my mum, which I think is 2 sizes too big for me... yup I just checked and it is. Cut to me leaving the house looking like a cross between a hippy and a jumble clothes sale. I am surprised my best friend didn't tell me to turn around and leave when I got to Starbucks this evening.

I've managed to calm my hair down now, I just didn't have time earlier, that, plus the fact that I couldn't be bothered to actually do anything. Note to self, wake up earlier to sort out bush on top of head... another note to self, buy a new hat and make sure it's in my colours...

...Last note to self, never ever ever wear too many shades of blue at once, you'll give people a heart attack.

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  1. The hat is the right colour, i did say something about all that blue together and you still didnt get up earlier this morning :) xx