Saturday, 28 May 2011

Forgotten Friday's!

Sorry peeps. I have slight OCD so I need to write a post for yesterday. I completely forgot. Or rather I didn't forget, but every time I came to writing something I got side-tracked by one of two things.

1. The Sims 2.

(We've re-kindled our love for one another)

2. My Boyfriend.

(We've well not really re-kindled anything but you gotta keep the flame going! Haha, in a nice way)

So yeah, mind was blank yesterday. I am still unwell and I was SO glad it was Friday yesterday, I really needed this long weekend to re-cooperate and hopefully regain some brain cells. I've just noticed that this post is all about re-something. I'm having to RE-trace my steps from yesterday to write this blog and REmember what I did yesterday. I've RE-kindled my love for The Sims 2 (that is until I can afford Sims3). I need some serious RE-cooperation so yeah I REally REally needed this weekend.
I'm also going to have to RE-post today to talk about what I did with mummy poo this morning/afternoon. I think I could go on doing this all day. I might be a saddo and start a new blog with some Sims2 stuff on it. I'm not really one for story telling though, so I don't know how that could work.

Yesterday I got home and crashed on my bed pretty much, for a couple of hours. I then went Sims2 game content shopping. It's amazing. You go onto or or . whatever it is and you look for stuff you want in your sims house and you 'download' them. It's like free furniture and wallpaper shopping. Shame you can't do things like that these days.

Oh and I'm going to put a couple more blogs, on the list of blogs I like to read on the right hand side of my page. You should go check them out. One is by a friend from uni, Hannah writes her blog about make-up and well randoms like we all do sometimes, but she is absolutely beautiful for 1. and 2. her make-up tips are actually really useful. I like that Hannah tries to branch out sometimes with her make up and then gives a review of what she likes about it.

Rachel's blog is just hilarious. I love how honest it is. Rachel's blog is mainly about baking; whenever she sets up a lovely new treat for herself and her husband she blogs about it, then at the end gives a quick overview of what it tastes like; how hard it was to make; how many casualties occured in the process of making it and most importantly, how much washing up there is to do once you've got the finished product!

Check them out. And I'll be posting again later this evening once I've finished with my day!

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