Sunday, 29 May 2011

Yesterday's Fun = Today's Dilemma

Yesterday was just a normal Saturday like any other besides the fact that I woke up feeling absolutely rubbish! I didn't want to move and I had a million things that I needed to do; like clean my bedroom.

I txted my mum (I know, I'm lazy) and asked her where she was going because I could hear someone leave the house, but mum hobbled up the stairs; she has patella tendonitis, and said "I'm going into town later". I figured I could do with the fresh air so asked if I could go along. I mean there's nothing like a bit of sunshine *cough* rain *cough* to waken someone's spirits; plus she offered to buy me brunch, how could I refuse?

So, as I dragged myself out of bed and saw myself in the mirror, I grabbed the nearest clothing to me and shoved it on. I wasn't in the mood for anything besides a spot of brunch. I trudged downstairs and mum handed me some pennies; 'spend money' I think she called it. I wasn't complaining although I wasn't quite sure of what I was going to spend it on.

We wandered out of the house, shuffled onto the bus and meandered through the various charity shops mum wanted to go into. I don't what the problem is that I have with charity shops. I mean I used to work in one, I fully and totally support them but whenever I get enough money to go shopping I just never seem to find myself in one. Mum was determined to find a jumper/summer cardigan; on the other hand I still had no idea what I wanted.

First shop we went to I picked out a skirt and top, tried them on, they fit perfectly... Win! So I got them. Then we went into another Charity shop, British Heart Foundation I think, I picked up 3/4 stuff, including a skirt and top, which look really pretty on. I've been looking for a denim skirt for ages and it looks so nice so I bought it and the top to go with it. So at this point the ratio of my shopping to mums was pretty much 4:0. I think she may have been getting a bit restless, because that's when we stopped for brunch; my arm's already dangling bags.

*my firefox just went off and this is as much of the post blogspot saved so forgive the disjointed flow of the post whilst I get my bearings back*

Eventually, mum got what she wanted from the shops and we went home. Which, brings me back to my dilemma of today. I was cleaning out my room, as you do, and I found a bag of give-away stuff that was in my room full of baby essentials that must have been going to someone somewhere and some point in the past before we forgot about it. Also in the bag was a smaller bag full of my mum's old clothes, I thought "Well I've filled out a bit why not try them on", so I did, why not. I mean they'd probably been sat there collecting dust since I moved home over 6 months ago now. Shocking, that it's been that long.

I found 3 skirts and a few tops and some jeans, so I aquired a total of 5 skirts in 2 days! I definitely don't need any more skirts now, but this brings me to another dilemma of my day, I mean what am I going to do with all these skirts? I need to buy a pair of shoes for all skirts. I am thinking of buying a pair this month and next month, I'm going with a cream pair and a brown pair I think, or navy blue since most of the things I wear are blue; like jeans and uhm jeans.

It's a good job I go to church in Sunday best otherwise I don't think I'd be able to wear them all. They are all different too, which is good but bad when it comes to finding things to match them. Plus, there is always summer coming which will be nice.

I'm still coughing well, apparently they say coughing is the body's way of getting rid of the germs. Oh and sorry for the quality of the pictures they were taken on my iPhone in the evening in front of a mirror. Useless + Useless = Useless (shame that's not a double negative).

Have a nice Bank Holiday Monday everyone. I get to see Adam! Woo!

I still have another 4/5 skirts, not including the two that are currently drying over my staircase banister!

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