Sunday, 15 May 2011

Jazz Hands!!

Today, my lesson was about being thankful for our hands!

I had a brilliant day. The children were all well behaved. I've settled into my role in Primary a bit more. I'm finally more relaxed and can do the action songs without feeling like a complete dope... now I think "Why was I so bothered? Nobody else was" So I dance along to 'Do As I Am Doing' and 'If You're Happy And You Know It'. I've always loved Primary and I just love it even more now!!

My lesson was about what we can do with our hands. I pretty much followed the lesson plan with a slight divert when they got too giddy. My brain seems to be thinking on it's feet this week and I managed not to make anyone cry and I didn't want to kill anyone at the end of the lesson... This is progress people!!

I told them to rummage around in the bag I took to church, I was going to take some finickity items with me, you know... toothbrush, teddy, keys, bobble etc and get them to feel around in my bag, but due to yesterdays super uber clean out I didn't have the clothes to hand that I thought I had, so I had to change my dress plan for today, which meant I got ready late, which meant I didn't have the items I wanted for my bag. So, anyway, instead of the interesting items I just had my bag of stuff. I got them to feel around and without looking tell me what they could feel. They said various stuff and then I explained that they felt with their hands.

I asked what they used their hands for to get ready for church and what they use their hands for whilst at church. We did the 'Two Little Hands' song. Then they got a little restless which was a little annoying, but argh! Quick thinking I took the 'Good' and 'Bad' signs off the side of the wall and put them on the opposite side of the room to one another. I explained that Heavenly Father and Jesus gave us hands so we could do good things with them and help others, I also told them that we mustn't do bad things with our hands like hitting, punching or hurting others. I got them to stand up and I told them something we do with our hands and they had to run to which ever one they thought it was... either a 'Good' thing or a 'Bad' thing. They had fun doing that one.

Then we learnt some sign language. I explained to them that some people cannot hear so they cannot communicate by their voice. I asked the girls to put their hands over their ears so they couldn't hear and I waved to them. I told them to take their hands off their ears and I asked them what I did, they said "You said bye/hello" I told them this was called 'Sign Language', I asked them if they wanted to learn some and they said yes. So I taught them 'I love you' and 'Mummy/Mother', 'Daddy/Father' which we had fun doing. I had some cut outs of my hand in different colours, I helped them write their names on them; we coloured in the rest and then we stuck them on the tree I drew. I wrote underneath 'I am Thankful for My Hands'. It was such a cute lesson.

I've had an amazingly awesome evening. Just winding down a bit now, and getting myself ready for tomorrow at work. I decided to draw out one of the pictures I use on my posts because it's just so cute. Once I've drawn it I'll paint it I think, or pencil colour it in because the paper is quite thin... hmm

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