Thursday, 5 May 2011

The Rain's Came Down

I love the smell of fresh spring rain, it's so hard to describe the smell too, besides 'fresh'.

I am a bit of a history freak. I can't really decide which period I like though. I am stuck between Tudor, Victorian, WWII or Roman History. The thing is with Roman History I don't really research it or read about it much. But I was fascinated by 'The Young Victoria' and 'The Relief of Belsen'. I enjoy docu-dramas, but who knows why when I watch the type of monstrosaties that happened in the Second World War.

We really don't realise how priviledged we are in this day and age. And, no I am not naive, I do know that things like the Nazi Concentration Camps still happen today and Mass Genocide is still very prevalent, but the way it was filmed back then, in the 1940's; was incredible. I mean, the innocence of the reporters to have seen anything as bad as this before, and for the first time actually showing it to the nation, world in fact.

As I watch things like 'The Relief of Belsen' I pray that we will never have someone like that ruling over our lives ever again. I try and empathise with the Jews of the 1930's and 1940's and nothing comes to mind, complete disarray and blankness cover my mind. I mean they must have been so confused and distraught on so many levels, "What should I do with my life now?", "Where are my family?", "Is my house still there?" a million and one questions whizzing through their mind and not one answer is positive, besides the basic statement, 'I am alive'.

But then as I pray for that, I try to think of the wars happening all around the world; why we get so many immigrants coming to our country, some to escape religious martyrdom, some to feel freedom. I have clients that barely speak a word of english but somehow think that this place is better than the one they were in last time; but somehow believe that they will find comfort and solace in the United Kingdom. What is it we have that they didn't have at home? One of my clients has been married only just a little over a year, they met their partner at college whilst they studied in another country 4 years ago, yet my client left their partner and tarried to England only a year after they were married so they could live and find work here and send for their partner when they had the money. I mean what must be going through my clients mind to do that? What must be going through their partners mind whilst my client is all the way over here?

We all think we have to make sacrifices, 'oh no chocolate for me today', 'this tastes awful I'll just leave it' but really, we don't have to make the same kind of sacrifices as those who barely have anything to eat everyday. One motto my mum literally used to force on me when I was a child is this:


Man! Look around you! I am so thankful to just have a roof over my head, clothes to wear, food to eat and clean water. I always think I could never be a greedy and rich business woman because I give my money away too much. Okay, maybe not to charities but I give it to my family because I have satisfied all my little needs, save a little and help others. It really irritates me when some people don't realise how much they really have, they constantly moan about how they don't like this or that or this but others even if they don't like it just stick with it because they appreciate it.

Help someone else today. Doesn't matter how.

Sometimes we walk around in a little bubbles and forget that there is a whole world out there.

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