Tuesday, 24 May 2011

All a Woman Needs is a Good Pair of Shoes

Or 50. Pairs of shoes I mean.

I don't actually have any really nice pairs of shoes. But this month my brain is determined to have some shiney new ones that have heels; will make me tower over my boyfriend, and probably cause some great discomfort in the long- run. BUT I WANT THEM!!

Due to lack of funds I can only get one pair and that is sacrificing my new summer jacket; my reasoning for this is that I have a perfectly wearable black summer jacket it's just not my colour... so I can bear wearing the wrong colour coat for another month! I very rarely wear high heeled shoes, probably because I think I can't walk in them but in actual fact I can.

I was just told how to walk in them wrong. So now I want a pair of shoes. I am going for wedges because the general consensus is that they are easier to walk in... although I've no idea how anybody could drive in them. Practice I suppose. Unless my manager slips on a pair of trainers for her drive home.

I don't want to buy a pair of black shoes, because nothing I am suppose to wear is black so I was thinking more navy or brown. I also tend not to wear high shoes for church because I'll only end up taking them off as I race after a child down a corridor... But heels will make me feel all grown-up or something, bearing in mind I am like 22.

I want to find a pair of shoes that will go with at least 3/4 outfits that I have. I want them to be able to go with Sunday dress and with something I could wear for work, which means buying either longer jeans or suit trousers. All my suit tops are at my dads... like half my wardrobe is at my dads! Atrocious! I need it noow!! There is a gorgeous cardigan that I left down there which would go with half my wardrobe, but it's useless down there, gathering dust too I presume. I haven't been there since before Christmas!

Anyway, shoes... yes I want some. I must admit NewLook seems to be top of a lot of peoples lists for shoes, so I'll start there.

P.S. Most pics are from NewLook and Dorothy Perkins. I love the blue ones at the top.

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  1. i like the greeny ones and the brown ones at the bottom :)