Thursday, 12 May 2011

From A to B to Z!

Oh dear I'm not doing very well on my travel list so far I've got:

1. Sunderland

So I think this Saturday I'll wander off somewhere... if I have tidied my room by then! I am sure there are some pretty places in West Yorkshire hiding between all the not-so-pretty places, and I am determined to find them.

I was going to do A-Z, but with a lack of places beginning 'Z' I might just go from the left of West Yorkshire to the right, but we'll see. It's on my to do list anyway. When I was at uni I would visit new places all the time and I think in 1 year I visited like 10 different places but now I just don't know the people. It's not that I don't want to go to new places I just think 'I can do it another day' but this weekend that's what I'll do. I'll venture, on a bus pass and a packed lunch; oh and my camera.

I am hoping to go to Rome again sometime in the near future because it was beautiful there. I love old cities. I was actually thinking of Barcelona too, so who knows, I might go there instead. My aim is to visit the whole of Europe eventually barring maybe a couple of countries, but only because I've been there before.

I just like finding the extra-ordinary and quirky in the ordinary and boring. So sorry my dears, but I'll be posting another travel post on Saturday. And I have a secret, and I'd love to tell you all what it is but *shhhh* I can HOPEFULLY tell you all tomorrow. But it's very exciting :D Or I may have to wait to tell you until next week. BUT EXCITING TIMES!! :D

Can I just say, I love blessings blessings blessings! My mum thinks I am nuts sometimes when I coming running through the house singing 'Blessings, blessings, blessings' but I love having days like that.

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