Tuesday, 3 May 2011

And it Just Keeps on Coming

Evening everyone.

Don't you just wish you could stop time, if only just for a second; a few seconds or even a minute. It's amazing how time doesn't work like that. It's amazing how nothing is ever the same as it was a minute ago.

I have friends who have busy lives; kids, jobs, callings at church yet they still manage to cram it all in. And then there's me; who finds it difficult to get up at 9:15 to make sure she gets to the bank on time... even then I was late.

Here's my somewhat longwinded and maybe confusing explanation as to why:
Those who have no time, make time. Those who have all the time in the world, waste time. If you're a busy person you use all the time you can find to get whatever you can done. Tasks that used to take 20 minutes now take 5 and the dishwasher handles the dishes whilst you handle the washing in the washer and when their both whirring away you feed the cats. Those who don't have to rush do those jobs consecutively not all at once. But then you get into the habit of it, and suddenly you forget how to multi-task and when your life gets busier you rush to deal with it.

I hate mornings, I just love the cosiness of my bed too much but when I had to get up this morning and I had to get out of the house I actually liked being up earlier and doing things. I could fit more into my day, yet ask me to do that again tomorrow and I'd struggle.

I used to know someone who hated wasting time, who hated sitting around doing nothing all day. But when that day comes for me, I cherish it. It's like breaking the rules a little bit, only you're not because it's a day off. My mum follows a blog/book/website called Flylady, which is all to do with getting organised amongst the chaos of a household. I know, I know, it's stereotypically aimed at those parents who stay at home but it looks like a really interesting website so I might start getting interested in it a bit more.

You do not want a mental picture of my room. It seems that my work life is more or less organised but my home life is 'Chaos' (notice with a capital 'C').

On a more fun note. I watched Limitless last night, about a drug that can do anything. It can enhance your mind; instead of using 20% of your brain you use all of it. It shows a down and out guy taking the drug then becoming an amazing man who does almost anything. But then the drug takes control of him and he could lose his life, and he starts to notice something about the others who've taken the drug before him, including his ex-wife who he was married to for a day. A bit of CGI and Bradley Cooper actually looks... kinda cute.
I'm going to see 'Beastly' next week with my sister, Bethany and Jeni. Should be fun! I'll keep you posted.

Psst... Also out this week: (Particularly the one on 'Mormonism', or rather The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints)

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