Sunday, 22 May 2011

You Use Your Ears to Hear

The children couldn't grasp the concept or practice of this statement even when I tried to explain this to them today.

Well, except for one girl who put her hands over her ears and claimed that she could hear with her toes; and the idea that we have a drum inside our ear was hilarious to them. I got puzzled faces all round for that one.

The lesson I was trying to teach them was to be thankful for our ears. I whispered at the beginning of the lesson a few things for them to do, stand up; turn around; wave your arms in the air and sit down and then asked them how they heard what I'd told them to do. They all pointed to their ears, but after that things seemed to just go a little pear shaped. They wouldn't sit still and after I'd used counting to 5 at least 3/4 times they just didn't seem to care anymore. I eventually got them settled when they were doing the actions for the song we are learning in Primary. Then we started colouring in our favourite animals as we made the sounds they make. One child told me 'Grace, I won't eat the crayons today', oh good... thanks for letting me know.

I was going to print out some overly large ears to give to the children to stick on their heads which would have been hilarious but I still might do that next week, I'm sure the girls only play up because there is a little boy in the class.

Nothing much else happened today really. Came home had lunch talked about the gospel, the usual stuff really. Back to Monday tomorrow, I tell you the week comes quick after a lovely weekend but then the week is over again before we know it. So have a good week everyone!

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