Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Pattern Art

I love natural pattern art. Most of this can be found on the National Geographic. It all started when I went to a friends house they had postcards in a pattern plastered up their old and rustic chimney of places they had been; of places friends had been; of things they loved and it just looked so fun!

I decided to start my own postcard collection and do my own art work with them on my bedroom door (this is before I went to Uni). I collected all sorts of post cards; people started sending me them; finding them in shops; I'd buy one in any museum or small town that I went to and my collection started to grow. I think one of the best places I found some were at the open day at Bath Spa Uni before I even started studying there. I used to work as a Volunteer Radio Presenter at BCB radio in Bradford and so I'd get sent free music to try out and play on air, with that would come post cards, and so the collection grew a little more.

I soon found I had a taste for natural things that had a pattern in them, like leaves, or matchsticks, or trees, or the list is endless. But I just thought I'd share a few with you that were in my collection somewhere... mostly from National Geographic. When I lived in Bath they had a season around Autumn/Winter where they'd put these great big stands in the town centre, scattered around the Abbey and main street, and on these stands were big natural patterned photographs taken from around the world that those of the National Geographic had taken then at Christmas they had a big book or calender of some of the photos taken. They are so amazing!

It's a great way to pass the time too, staring at patterns all day, looking at all their intricate details and how they all come together to create this bigger picture. Doctors are continuously searching for the complete picture of how our body works, but it could take thousands of years to find out EXACTLY how the body works, just like it could take years to work out how natural patterns are created. They are just there, ready and waiting for us when our eyes choose to see them.

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