Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The Willowed, Wandering, unWavering World

Good Evening,

I've been trying to log onto my user for about 10 minutes, don't you just hate it when you forget your password. Then when I logged in the whole website has changed! I mean I know I haven't been on it for a few months or maybe years, but still... took me another 10 minutes to finally find out where my poems have been stashed on the website!

I thought I'd post a couple today. I've just been reading through some of my poems and yeah okay they're not William Blake or anything but they aren't too bad. My creative side seems to have hit a big massive wall that my brain seems to be too fuzzied up to pick at. Maybe I could write a poem on having a fuzzy brain? :)

...Hmm this one is actually quite morbid but I think the matter-of-fact-ness about it kind of shocks you to the core. It's not horrific or too detailed it's just a bit of a thinker; if that is even a word.


His face shone in the midnight moon.
Highlighting every dark, wavy, brown hair on his head.
Just laying there without moving.
His body lay still and dead.

Eyes encased behinds his motionless eyelids.
The hard, gritted, pebble stone floor for a bed.
His bare neck checked for a simmering pulse.
Yesterday's clothes; a blue worn crumpled jacket,

The red t-shirt to match,
Black, metal and leather at his waistline,
Holding up his wrinkled fading blue jeans.
Trainers disappeared maybe stolen in the night.

His mucky, soiled, barely white socks showing with a hole.
A deep red pool of blood lay by his dishevelled face.
The yellow tape guarding his body.
His body outlined with a white marker.

Flashes of light flickering here and there.
The world around him in darkness.
His mother and father stood behind the lines
Distraught with anger, upset and fear.

What is the world coming too
How can someone kill a young child
With dreams, inventions and possibilities
Just waiting for them to happen.


You've Gotta Keep Pushing

Try with all your might
To push those feelings out of sight
Rise up your hand high
And say "I will not cry"
"To be me is to be free"
"That's the way its gonna be"
Don't let him hold you back
Scramble through that tight crack
…Is the source of all beauty?
Love and live and like alone
Try this till you are fully grown


So, tell me what you think? Good, bad, rubbish, graphic etc. I am not bothered. Let me know what you think. I thought I'd be a little bit creative today since why ever not and I have't done a blog post on literature in ages :D I love reading books especially those weird trashy romantic ones where the girl always ends up with the right guy and you know she does right from the very beginning but, you still have to read on to make sure that's how it happens.

Oh, 'The Kommandants Girl', was really sad. That is one book where she doesn't end up with the guy! And he get's shot. Which is bad and sad and just yeah really rubbish.

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  1. wow didnt know you could do that, good but maybe my vote doesnt count :)