Friday, 19 August 2011

Are You As Sure As Can Surely Surest Be?

I say the weirdest of things sometimes. You know it's actually quite hard keeping up with a blog especially when you can't think of things to say. I'm currently watching a film after spending what seems like a million years straightening my sisters hair... But it looks amazing.

It's been nearly a month since I moved into my home and people weren't joking when they said it'll take me a couple of months to get everything sorted. It's not that I can't unpack I just don't have anywhere to unpack to. I'm currently waiting on a wardrobe, corner desk and smaller table and chairs... so if anyone has one, let me know. Oh and lets not mention the gas cooker :D But that's top of the list so I usually forget about it.

I have a few things up my sleeve for a nice weekend I just hope it doesn't rain and that Adam and I can get out and enjoy it! Tomorrow I have a driving lesson and Adam is watching the football, as usual. But I might join him anyway so that's all good.

I have been so RUBBISH at driving recently, I could seriously laugh at myself. In all fairness my lesson on Wednesday was pants because I was trying to parallel park (reverse into a space) with about 8 little kids riding bikes around the road and I just honestly panicked with so many of them about. I mean who lets their kid play on a main BUSY road without even looking out for them? It's extrememly annoying. Needless to say I bumped the curb. Sadface. But I'll get better. Have a good, sunny (fingers crossed) weekend!

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