Monday, 22 August 2011

Photo Wall

This is an artsy fartsy post, but at the moment I'm trying to put more shazam! in my living room and basically in my house without actually changing a colour on the wall, since I need to ask for permission to change anything. Which not only is annoying but it also sucks because I am very limited to what I can do.

So, instead of changing colours I'm just going to change my walls. I have 2 walls that I can put to some seriously good use to, like using for photo walls. This seems to be a good tradition that seems to have received the good publicity it deserves to become contemporary because I see them everywhere now. It just means I can find a LOT of inspiration and I can put my SnapFish photography account to good use.

When you sign up you get 50 prints free and I know my dad once won 100 free prints on o2's extra's thing online, when you hook a duck and choose between the three ducks you've found. Thanks again for that dad.

I have also been thinking about putting my Spain holiday pictures together into some sort of scrapbook file, because Spain really was amazing and they should be out to be enjoyed. The only pictures I have out at the moment are; a flower in a frame above my fireplace; pictures from mine and Bethany's fake window shopping trip and the temple, which I would like to get framed.

I'm still trying to decide on which colour frames to use and how big I want them to be and whether I want them to be the same size or different, and whether I want a central picture or just a big pile of mess. Man, so much to decide just for a picture wall... sounds like fashion again! Hopefully some of the photos I've found for inspiration will hopefully help.


  1. Can i have the green sofa??? :)

  2. this is sooo cute :) Love this idea but with all vintage frames!x