Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Oh The Decisions

Should I pack?
Shouldn't I pack?
Should I wait until last minute?

Why break the habit of a life time?

I think I'm gonna wait until last minute (Friday night) before I really start to pack all my things up. I know I keep going on about this moving house thing but I've never lived actually on my own before.

I was in one of those 'really-can't-be-bothered' moods today and I was |-----| <- that close to cancelling my driving lesson but I'm quite glad I didn't now because it went really well. He had a new car which looked like a space ship on the inside. Seriously if you ever see a new AA driving car parked up take a peek inside.... I mean the hand brake was in a weird place. Instead of being in-between the two seats in the front it was like sticking out the dashboard where the radio usually is. It was weird at first but woah it was awesome. He said I'm really good driving in heavy traffic because for the past 6 months I've been having lessons at 5pm haha so I have that one clocked but he's never seen me on the open road or anything haha. He wants me to strt following directions next week! Ah!!

We walked to my new house from my old one earlier this evening. Hmm the neighbourhood is interesting. They seem harmless enough. It took a whole 10 minutes to get there. There's literally a snicker heading straight for my house... Although I wouldn't like to go down there in the dark.

Sorry for no pics this evening I'm posting on my phone as I am shying away from my laptop; mainly because it is broken but also because if I go to my room I will see all the things I have to organise. It's better to stay away from the mess. Out of sight out of mind. So I'm watching Valkyrie downstairs with my sister. :)

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