Thursday, 21 July 2011

Hi Ho Hi Ho It's Off To...

... Newcastle I go! Tomorrow I mean :)


I'm there over the weekend for Adam and James' birthday. I really need to get a train pass, I get 3rd off any travel because I am aged 16-25. I keep saying I'll get one and then something else comes up on the list that needs paying for first. :)

I'm trying to kick-start a healthier eating thing. This morning I had lots of fruit for breakfast, and then my sisters brought me a surprise lunch, McDonalds. This evening I got home to some lovely healthy fish and parsley sauce. Am I the only one who can quite happily sit there and dunk potatoes into lots of parsley sauce? It is most definitely would you like some food with your parsley sauce! Then later on we went for a chat and a giggle with the lovely ladies from Relief Society and we had snacks there... Galaxy and Mars snack bars... So I think healthier eating for today was BIG FAIL! And I ate after 7pm. I won't even think about tomorrow.

Do you ever find that you seem to have the two same things constantly on your mind? Mine is weight and money and money and weight. Fun fun. I just realised, the 'i-before-e-except-after-c' rule doesn't apply to weight either. In fact why is that a rule? It should just be the 'write-what-looks-right' rule. I think that sounds better too.

I've been talking to Hazel from church about my moving day and so far I have two vans, lots of pairs of hands, lots of furniture thanks to a few wonderful people, and no keys or house, until 30th.

Oh and nothing is packed.

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