Tuesday, 5 July 2011

If I 'ad an 'ome of me Own

Apparently in Yorkshire we miss letters out of words and sometimes even miss words out altogether. Maybe that's why people like the English writing style so much; I don't know.

I am still 'addicted' to Pinterest. I say 'addicted' because I don't think about it all day every day and I can live without 'repinning' for a day or two but then its like my body gets withdrawal symptoms and I find myself going back to it and 'pinning' like mad.

Today's focus is usually fashion, but I think that's all I've really been posting about recently; only because of my new addiction polyvore, but I can't afford any of the clothes on there at the moment anyway... so all I can do is sit and drool, and let's be honest, where's the fun in that?

So, my post today is 'If I 'ad an 'ome of me own' it'd look something like this:

I love light and airy colours. :D What do you think?

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