Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Time Out

I can't believe the weeks are just zooming by, soon we'll all be thinking about CHRISTMAS!! Oh noose!

I am so tired this week. Still currently living out of boxes so no fashion post that I can think of today, not that I am wearing anything in fashion anyway. I do need to get healthier though I think. But all in good time I'm sure.

Work was good. Evening was unplanned but great and then I came home and I am shattered. No sleeping techniques needed for me tonight. But I still have the cold, it's not as bad as the weekend though which is good and hopefully it'll be gone by this weekend. I'm still trying to decide what internet provider I am going to go with once I move. I've already decided on NPOWER for my bills because they are fairly reasonable and they aren't changes their prices for a while. Water is obviously Yorkshire Water and yeah I'm not getting a TV Licence or TV package so DVD's all the way for me and all the usual iPlayers :)

So, who should win the fight? BT, Talktalk, Plusnet, Virgin or Sky (I'm not really fussed about Sky to be honest but they do a few months free so might as well get peoples opinion on those too.

P.S. 3 days until moving day!!

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