Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Review of Resolutions

I found an old diary (I say old because I usually go through about 4/5 a year), and it was from the beginning of the year. It had my new year's resolutions in it. For some reason I keep making the same ones. The only one I've actually properly crossed off is 'Start Learning to Drive'. I do have high hopes of passing before this year is out. If I pass in December I can say it took a year to pass... Craziness. My lesson was pretty good today though.

How do we stick to new year's resolutions? I guess you just have to be very ruthless and know exactly what you want to do and be really headstrong in doing it. Maybe in a few months time I can buy a wii. I am thinking of starting to walk to work and back again. Yes, as you can tell I'm on about, 'Losing Weight'. I'm sure everyone I know has had this on their New Year's Res list for... ages.

By the time I move into my new place it'll be 30 minutes to walk to work, which if I think about it, it'll take 30 minutes to get a bus into town and bus back out again to work so I might as well walk and save the £75 a month (I hate not being young enough to have a student pass). I'll be on minimal food as well so I don't know how that'll work out.

How much would you say bills are roughly for a 1 bed house? Anyone? :)

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