Thursday, 18 August 2011

Riots, Exams and Employment... or rather lack of

I've been trying to get into the routine of watching the news every day in the evening before I go to bed and in the morning. So far I haven't managed the morning probably because I'm a tad lazy. But last night I watched it for an hour kind of in the background to my seemingly ever present love of Solitaire. On my laptop.
The news was mainly about three things, the recent riots; A -Level results and tagged in with that, the rise in unemployment (again).

I am quite proud to say there wasn't much unrest in Bradfordian town besides the usual stuff that was going on. Unless I completely missed the week where Bradford went completely mental. I remember when I was at work someone mentioned that riots had gone on in the night before because a few guys had gone into a Tesco and tried to steal something, but it's not like that's a new occurance in Bradford these days so I wouldn't have put that down to rioting. And, personally I don't think any sentance given to any of the people who were involved is too heavy. As someone on the news said last night, you wouldn't give a suspected terrorist a light sentance so why give a suspected rioter any less than someone who actually did the deed?

A - Level results!! Congratulations to all those who got the grades they wanted. Especially, my youngest sister Bethany, 4 A level's is AWESOME! Congratulations to all those who should have got the grades they wanted. I can't even imagine how you're all feeling right now but BELIEVE ME, university is NOT the only option in life. My amazing boss hasn't done a degree but I don't think there is another person in the world who would be perfect for the position she is in. University is not the only option. So don't think it is :) And you'll all be fine.

Rise in unemployment. I see it every day at work. The figures are just stupid and the people in the Job Centre are... what's the politest way to put it... incorrigable. Just because you guys have a job doesn't mean it is as easy for everyone else out there. :) I really do feel for all those people who are really trying to find work and just not getting anywhere at all. The job centre has told a lot of people just go look online. But I find that even more difficult. I mean wasn't the unemployment rate supposed to go down? After the 'recession' and all? Even though I completely don't think the recession is anywhere near over. I am so completely blessed to have a job, but I have 20 people that I support who don't have the same luxury and it really can be a catch 22 situation sometimes. All I can say is keep looking or do some voluntry work because believe me your brain can go cuckoo when it's not active for a while. Oh yeah, but don't forget you can't do more than 16 hours a week of volunteering as this obviously put's a shorter time frame for you to be able to find work... like I said 'incorrigable'.

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